A New Day!

I was up before the sun this morning,
And as I looked out of my window,
I smiled with excitement!

I watched as the sun's rays began to
Release it's light, and watched the
low hovering fog began to fade away.
Yes, this is going to be a good day!

I dressed, and hurried outside to listen
As the birds greeted this new day in
Song, and I watched, as they took wing
To explore yet another day in their own way!

Moments later, there came a gentle breeze,
That seemed to whisper to each leaf on
The trees. As if they heard a lovely
Tune, they begin to dance! It was
Like each leaf heard a melody,
One unheard by you and me

As I greeted this new day, I felt like
A child on Christmas morning seeing
All the gifts under the tree. Even
Though I did't know what each
gift was I knew each held a
Special gift and I was filled
With, anticipation!

It's in this early hour, that I give
Thanks for all our many blessings that
Have been given to us so freely

Each day should be filled with joy,
Love, peace, fulfilled dreams, hope
And wonder. I whispered a silent
Prayer, that today would be without
The mistakes made yesterday.

A new day awaits for whatever you
Want to make of it, yours to do
With as you will. So whatever you
Do, wherever you go, share the
Best that you have been given, by
touching someone's life!

Today is A New Day, and made,
Just for you and all the ones,
God sends across your path!

©SeaBreeze2 Publications
By; SJ Busby October 30 2001
Updated in N0v. 2012

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God bless you and yours.

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