On A Morning Like This

Each day as the sun breaks through the
Eastern sky, it never worries if it
Comes out to play, or if it,
Hides shyly, behind a few clouds

Look upon this new day as an
Empty canvas that awaits the
Tip of the painter's brush to
Be dipped into colorful hues
You choose to walk in today!
What colors will dress your day?
Yes, it is your choice!

You may color yours with hues of
Blue and Lavender skies and a
Warm gentle breeze that's filled
Whispers of, "I love you.

One may fill their canvas with,
Anger that brings tears of fear
To another. And places within
Their day, stormy skies and
Sharp words that cut like a
Chilling wind! But, remember
What goes on your canvas will
Come back to you one day!

Each of us make our own choices.
We can sow, joy, hope and love,
Not only our own life, but
Into the lives of others.
What kind of day will you
Paint upon your canvas?

There's only one rule to
Remember, today will effect
Not only your canvas, but it
Will effect all you meet
Throughout the day,
So choose wisely and
Thoughtfully what you
Place upon your canvas,
My friend it will last for
All eternty.

The lovely image below is from:
Spiritual Banners

Published By
SeaBreeze2 Publications
Author SJ Busby
9-7-2001 Last checked on; Jan 2010


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