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Where do I start to describe trains in Texas. I've worked in the Pasadena, Texas area and saw lots of trains pass by my office window every day. Houston has probably the most varied assortment of trains you could ever hope for, but you have to be real careful where you go taking pictures. One wrong turn and you are in the middle of the Barrio and you better Hablo Espanol and drive a low-rider to fit in. The next best place I can recommend is the Fort Worth, Texas area. With the new construction of the interstate system over Tower 55, no telling what will be left of the area. This use to be the evening meeting place for locals and visitors alike to watch the trains parade back and forth. I had one of the local bicycle cops ask me how come there was always so many cars parked there, she thought it was a lover's parking spot. I told her she was partially right, but the lovers were people and trains. She had a confused look on her face. If you go to Texas go to Houston first then Fort Worth. That's my picks and while you are in Houston, don't miss Beaumont (BNSF, UP, KCS, SR&N nearby, lots of industrials and Econorail).

Fort Worth

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