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Lots of wind, heat, cattle, and few trains at least where I am working in Canute, OK located in the western part of the state. Gone are the days of the Rock, MKT, and Santa Fe. All of the older lines have been divied up by the giants and what was left over went to a bunch of shortlines all over the state.

This is the maintenance facility for Farmrail (FMRC) located in Clinton, OK. I have yet to see any of their engines actually run, pull a train, or move. The gray and black lash-up is a solid train of Qwest (SPCX) geep power.

North of Clinton, OK in northwestern Oklahoma you can find some interesting terrain including these high bluffs or buttes in Waynoka, OK. A state park is also located here where huge sand dunes are found. The BNSF mainline runs from California to Chicago right through this area. This particular train was headed by a green BN and a NS engine trailing on this doublestack train headed north.

Enid, OK plays host to the UP and the BNSF, as well as Farmrail. This is the BNSF engine facility near the downtown area with two sets of local power standing by waiting for crews. Several huge grain elevators dot the horizon as you approach Enid and are in full swing during harvest time.

UP 1914 is headed north over the Cimarron River near Dover, OK. Most of the rivers I have seen look a lot like this one, but I bet they are a raging river during flash floods. This is old Rock Island trackage that runs north and south along the old Chisholm Trail from cowboy days.

A little further along the north/south UP trackage, north of Dover is Bison, OK home to the Bison Coop grain elevator. Grain elevators are positioned approximately every 10 miles along the track that splits through farm and cattle country.

This UP grain train is headed south towards either Dallas or Fort Worth. The crew just picked up the train in Minco, OK just south of El Reno.

A southbound UP mixed freight is seen here passing through the old Rock Island town of El Reno, OK. El Reno has several grain elevators that serve the farming community around El Reno. I am told that traffic really picks up during harvest time.

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