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Welcome to the Louisiana section of my website. There are lots of photos in this section since I am from Louisiana. I have very few shots from the Alexandria area and none posted here. Start your visit to my state by selecting the city in Louisiana you want to visit. Each city has a brief description of what railroads operate in the area and a sampling of action photos from that area is provided. Since I am from the New Orleans area, and more variety and action can be found there than other parts of the state, I offer a larger selection of images there. There are lots of roster pictures of trains all over cyberspace, so hopefully you will enjoy something a little different in viewing some action. This is like a mini-"Railfan's Guide to Louisiana".

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Last Updated:
Alexandria: Under Construction
Baton Rouge: April 16, 2000
Lake Charles: Mar. 2, 2000
Lafayette: Mar. 3, 2000
Monroe: Mar. 8, 2000
New Orleans: Feb. 10, 2001
Shreveport: Mar. 4, 2000

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