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The USMC flys a very diverse assortment of aircraft as do their counterparts in the US Navy. Here is a sampling of the most current aircraft found in the Marines. Last updated 5/28/2000

The basic trainer for a rookie Marine pilot was the T2J Buckeye, now being replaced by the T-45. I have seen a lot of Buckeyes, but I have never seen one lettered for the Marines. I shot this one at the Dayton (Ohio) Airshow back in 1999.

When you have to jam the enemy's radar or locate missle sites, the EA-6 is the aircraft for the mission. This EA-6 is assigned to the "Playboys" of VMAQ-2. This is one of my favorite aircraft.

The AV-8 Harrier is a close air support aircraft that can perform a vertical take-off or can take-off and land on a carrier. They are sometimes referred to as "jump-jets". Harriers are widely used by the French and British. This particular aircraft just landed at NAS New Orleans.

The perfect coloring for the typical Louisiana sky. This Apache is assigned to the Marine Air Group at NAS New Orleans.

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