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Air Force

This is a collection of US Air Force aircraft that I have collected over the years. Several of the photos were shot at air shows, while some are static displays at bases around the country. Last updated 8/1/2001

Here's another 50 cent photo, (see Swiss Air photos). The B-1's in this photo are assigned to the "Black Hills Bandits" of Ellsworth AFB near Rapid City, SD. I was on a 50 cent bus tour of the base and had the rare opportunity to visit the B-1 flight line and even rarer opportunity to photograph them.

How can these things stay in the air? The B-52 is a huge aircraft. I've watched in amazement as they make almost 45 degree turns and they don't fall out the sky. This B-52G is assigned to Barksdale AFB in Boissier City, LA and is making "touch and goes" at the same base.

Practice makes perfect because you don't want to drop one of these babys. B-52 bomb loads are normally stored in the plane's bomb bay, but in this case additional bombs can be added by loading up the wings.

A C-5 Galaxy making a landing at Dover AFB in Delaware. This is another shot taken from the on base museum parking lot.

Making its final approach this monster C-5B is one of over 30 assigned to Dover AFB in Dover Delaware. This shot was taken by the great Air Mobility Museum located on the base and open to the public 7 days a week. If in Dover don't miss the museum, it's free.

Sitting on the visitor's ramp by the Dover AFB terminal, this C-17 is waiting for passengers and its next assignment. Its smaller than the C-5, but is just as impressive.

This C-17 is assigned to Charleston AFB, South Carolina and is visited by a B-1 bomber during the airshow at Charleston AFB.

Although not a USAF aircraft, this C-17 belongs to the British Royal Air Force and was spotted at the Charleston AFB, SC air show in May 2001.

I remember the C-124 Globemasters flying into New Orleans back in the 60's at New Orleans International airport. They were probably one of the largest air cargo planes of the era. Doors opened below the nose for loading and unloading supplies. This one is on display at Charleston AFB, SC.

The F-117 Stealth fighter is a very exotic aircraft. One thing that surprised me was that it's a lot bigger that it appears. This particular aircraft is assigned to the 49th FW at Holloman AFB in New Mexico.

Belonging to the 122nd Tactical Fighter Group of the Louisiana Air National Guard, this F-15 Eagle taxis back to the flight line at it's home base at NAS New Orleans.

The F-16 Falcon is the Air Forces' version of a Ferrari with wings. All they have to do is paint the plane red. This Eagle is assigned to the 20th FW at Shaw AFB, South Carolina.

Equipped with a seven barrel Gatlin gun mounted in the nose, bombs, missiles, rockets and a 30 mm cannon, the A-10 Warthog is one of the best ground support aircraft I have ever seen. Better get a good look at one before they are all gone. This aircraft was assigned to the 23rd TFW, Flying Tigers when the picture was taken at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS.

When assigned to one of NAS Sanford, FL recon heavy attack squadrons (RVAH), flying RA-5C Vigilanties, our pilots would always challenge the F-4 Phantom pilots from the AFB near the "Cape" to a race to see who was faster. It was always a close race since both jets had the same engines. This F-4 Phantom, with the drag chute trailing, belongs to a national guard unit out of Michigan, the "Happy Hooligans".

Hey Bill, is that you? Air Force One buzzes my motor home in Dover, DE. Air Force One uses the huge runways of Dover AFB to practice touch and go's, next door to me.

Coming in to Dover AFB, Delaware for some practice "touch and go's" is Air Force One.

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