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Other US Airlines

The most frequent airliners that fly into New Orleans are Delta and Southwest. Other visitors here include; American, Northwest, TWA, United, US Air, and a few other smaller carriers. This page is an assortment of those "other" airlines that visit the "Big Easy" as well as some odds and ends from other parts of the country and the world. Last updated April 10, 2002

Another frequent visitor to New Orleans International (MSY) is US Air. The airline flys only 737's to MSY as seen in this shot.

Another variation of the US Air fleet in New Orleans is this larger 737 version, a 737-400 as seen in this shot landing at New Orleans International.

A US Airways 757 is making a final approach at Philadelphia's International airport. I like the new colors that they have adopted. US Airways also flys Airbus 330's into Philly as well.

One of the newest US Airways aircraft is this Airbus 321 as seen here at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport in North Carolina.

Memphis is the place to be to catch a variety of FedEx aircraft. Every afternoon between 12:30 and 2:30 pm, FedEx launches the "fleet" into the Memphis skies.

This FedEx MD11 is one of the larger FedEx planes that operates from the Memphis International Airport. If you are ever in Memphis you have to witness this exodus of planes every afternoon. It almost looks like a military operation.

American has one of the more attractive designs as evident in this polished bodied 727 making its final approach at New Orleans International Airport.

A garden variety TWA 727 in the old paint scheme makes its final approach from the south end of the north/south runway. 737's and 727's are the most common aircraft found at New Orleans International (Moisant Field).

This Pan Am 747 Clipper Ship has just landed at Zurich International Airport in Zurich, Switzerland and is on its way to the gate on a beautiful sunny day. This particular day I also photographed MEA, Middle East Air 707.

I shot this at BWI airport in Baltimore, MD. This is America West "Battle Born" paint scheme which identifies the state of Nevada one of its stopping points in their system. The beautiful paint scheme is applied to a 757.

This shot was taken from the "Aviation Observers Park" at the Baltimore-Washington (DC) International Airport near Baltimore, Maryland. This is the standard "Coast to Coast" paint scheme for America West. Note the Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty in the scheme.

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