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Foreign Airlines

I have selected a sampling of some of my favorite foreign aircraft for your viewing pleasure. As you may tell from the selection, I like 747's. They are one of the most impressive aircraft I have ever seen or flown in. Last updated February 15, 2002

This huge Swiss Air Airbus taxies to the gate after landing at Zurich International Airport in Zurich, Switzerland. For about fifty cents you can go out on the observation deck to take pictures and get a close up view of the planes below.

My all time favorite commercial jetliner is the 747. Pictured here is a Swiss Air 747-400, just arriving at Zurich International Airport. Several airlines' 747's frequent this airport from all over the world. What a great place to watch planes.

A nice example of a 747SP. The SP version of the 747 has a larger fuel capacity, enabling it to fly great distances without refueling. This Air Mauritius 747 is preparing to depart Zurich International Airport in Zurich, Switzerland for a very long journey to the tiny island of Mauritius off the coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

A regular visitor to Houston Intercontinental airport is this KLM 747-400 seen here departing Houston. KLM is my favorite airline. British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, and all the major South and Central American airlines arrive and depart from Houston on a daily basis.

Gear down and locked, British Airways 767 is seen making its final approach to Philadelphia International Airport.

The newest Icelandair paint scheme is seen on this 757 moments away from touching down at BWI (Baltimore/Washington/International) airport. This is a regular visitor to the area.

TACA deserved an A+ for this very colorful paint scheme. I love the Macaw on the fuselage. This 737 is making it's final approach from the south at New Orleans International Airport.

The current no frills paint scheme of Sahsa Airlines of Honduras. This 737 arrives and departs New Orleans International airport in Kenner, Louisiana daily.

A very colorful paint scheme for Sahsa Airlines in their earlier years. One their 727's is touching down at New Orleans International airport.

An AeroMexico DC-9 taxies from the gate on its way to the runway at Houston's Intercontinental airport in Houston, Texas.

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