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Delta Airlines

The Atlanta based Delta Airlines provides New Orleans with the most flights into and out of the city. There's a saying here that even when you die you will be routed through Atlanta to get to Heaven or Hell. Delta uses 727's, 737's, and for peek periods they will schedule a 757 or 767 to handle the increased traffic at the New Orleans airport.
Last updated 6/4/2000

This morning shot was taken from the dead end street located on the southeast corner of the airport. Even with the recent addition of a tall fence, this spot offers an excellant viewing point of aircraft landing on the north/south runway at New Orleans International Airport in Kenner, LA.

Another Delta 737 coming in from Atlanta most probably. Delta is probably the second most frequent visitor to New Orleans International right behind Southwest which is number one.

Both the 757 and the 767 are used sparingly at New Orleans. This is a rare view of both in the same picture at New Orleans International Airport. The 757 in the forground is taking off while the 767 waits to taxi to the runway for departure.

Yes, you can shoot through the black glass at airports, but it takes practice. This shot of a new Delta 757 look great taxing to it's gate just after landing at New Orleans International Airport.

Not all the planes that land at New Orleans International are DC9's, MD80's, 727, or 737's as evident in this shot of a Delta 767 landing from the north on the north/south runway.

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