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"I Stand In Awe"

Song Playing:
"Wind Beneath My Wings"

I have seen the beauty of
mountains high, and sat
beside quiet streams
I have watched the eagle as
he soared above the clouds
And seen the early morning
sun as it came up and chased
away the fog from the sea

I have taken evening walks alone
the shore, and danced among
the sandpipers as they scurried
across the sand

Yes I stand in awe each time
I think of God's forgiving grace.

He shows His love in every
little flower, and in the
way He has dressed each tree
in their special shades of green.

I have seen so many of God's
beautiful gifts, but what
really amazes me, is His
unconditional love for
you and me!

1999 Shirley Busby
All Rights Reserved