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Song Playing
"You Will Never
Walk Alone"

Come, walk with me, and share
The beauty of the sea.

We will share this place,
Just you and me.

Listen as the waves break
As they wash upon the shore.

So powerful, yet so peaceful
For you and me.

Author:SJ Busby

I wrote the above poem, in the
Summer of 1958, while sitting
on the shore of, Cabrillo Beach
in San Pedro CA.

Little did I realize it was the
beginning of my love for oceans,
lighthouses and the peace that
one feels in their soul, as they
listen to the waves wash ashore.

In the years to come, I learned
God was with me always, and when
I thought I was all alone,
and no one cared, He cared, and
was right beside me, and I never
walked alone.

He is there with you, right now
ready to listen and comfort you.
Seek Him with all your heart and
know that He loves you more than
you can ever realize!

His Love, is unconditional and He
welcomes you to come to Him just
the way you are. With Him,
all things are possible. Share
your dreams, your tears and
He will fulfill your dreams,
dry your tears.


Author:SJ Busby

After the day has ended and we are
alone with our own thoughts. All
day we had on our, 'happy face'
that we allow others to see, but
when we arrive home, we come face
to face with the real you, and me

We hurt, we cry and yes, we pray
for strength to get through one
more day.

Each of us need encouragement,
comforting and most of all, to
know that we are not alone in
our pain and sorrow. Each of
us feel physical, or emotional
pain, each day

I've seen the pain on a Mother's face
when she is told of the death of her
child. I've seen years pass, and
still the Mother's tears fall.
And there are no words brings her
comfort, all we can do is cry with
her and holding her, ask the same
question that is screaming inside
our heads, "Why Lord, WHY?

Then there are the tears that come
when we are alone in our room,
when we face the hardships that
that comes into each of our lives,
and we face that midnight hour alone

Friends and family say they understand,
but there are many events in this life
that we can never understand until
we have walked the path that those
are hurting have walked

I hope, you will find comfort,
peace, and most of all, the
courage to take another step, to
believe whatever is the cause
of pain is you can take it to
God and know within your
spirit and soul that this too
shall pass.

Never give up on the power of your
faith or in God's unconditional love
for you. No matter what the
circumstances look like, your
faith will see you through.
Hold tight to truth and know
that you are never alone...

God will never forsake you
He know's the pain you feel
and He's there with you every
step of the way, reach out, and
take hold of His hand...

Christian Light House 
Lighthouse Award

I received the Lighthouse Award
on December 4, 1999 from
"Shelter From The
Storm Ministries"
Thank you, and God Bless
you, as you continue to
share God's Word.

SJ Busby