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Angels Go Before You

May you always walk in peace,
And in God's, loving grace.
There is not a bird that
Flies, nor a cloud that passes
By, that He does not see.

Allow Him to guide you, and
He will provide, all you need,
He is with you always, and you
Will never walk alone.

Rest in His peace, He is the One that
Deliveried you out of bondage, and set
Your feet on Holy ground. He is worthy
To be praise and worship! Aways
Remember, the joy of our Lord,
Is our Strength.

Before you go angels, to prepare
The path you are to walk. Follow
Him, and watch, as others are set
Free, from the chains that held
Them captive.

Take the authority He has given you,
in His name, and believe in Him and
His Word. Don't you remember, when
you were hurting, and you cried out
to Him? He not only heard your cry,
He answered your cry for help!

Go, and tell others what God has
Done in your life, and their faith
Will grow, and hope will rise
Within their heart. For what
He has done for you, He will
Do for all who will believe in

As you walk with our Lord, share His
Message of hope, His amazing grace, and
The joy, that surpasses understanding!
Most of all, share His unconditional
Love, with all you meet!

By SJ Busby
All Rights Reserved