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"Let There Be"

And You created the heavens
and the earth. Lord, as I
look out my window this
morning, I see the beauty of
the gift of life. What I
choose to do with your gift
you have given me, is left
up to me.


Yes, there are things in this
world I do not understand but
one thing that I am reminded of
is,none of us go through this
life alone.

When we face times of despair,
You are there. When we see pain
and suffering, help us remember
it did not come from You, and by
going to You in prayer, we can
find peace and know that You
also weep when others hurt.


Love and peace walk hand in hand
and Your grace to go on is stronger
than the thought of quitting.

Thank You Lord, for leading me
beside still waters, where Your
peace can still be found.


Thank you for opening my ears to
hear the voice of Your Spirit.
Lord, open my eyes to see past
the outward appearance and show
me the heart of the one that
tries so hard to hid the scars.

Teach me to listen and give me
the words to comfort the broken
in spirit Lord.

By: SJ Busby


Song Playing:"Just A Closer
Walk With Thee"