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Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
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  1. Have you read anything by Neil Gaiman?
  2. Have you read Sandman by Gaiman?
  3. Have you read all of Sandman?
  4. Do you own any Sandman in book form?
  5. In comic form?
  6. Do you own all Sandman in book form?
  7. In comic form?
  8. Do you own the Sandman Special?
  9. Did the cover scare you?
  10. Do you own the galleries?
  11. Have you read the Death series?
  12. Own it?
  13. In comic form?
  14. Own any of the trading cards?
  15. All the cards, even the Endless ones?
  16. Other Graphic Novels

  17. Own/read Books of Magic?
  18. -Childrens Crusade?
  19. -Black Orchid?
  20. -Miracleman?
  21. -Spawn?
  22. Have you read Mr.Punch?
  23. Own it?
  24. Violent Cases?
  25. Own it?
  26. Signal to Noise?
  27. Own it?
  28. The Tales

  29. Have you read The Sandman: Book of Dreams ?
  30. Own it?
  31. Have you read Don't Panic!?
  32. Own it?
  33. What about Good Omens?
  34. Own it?
  35. Have you read The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish?
  36. Own it?
  37. Have you read Smoke and Mirrors?
  38. Own it?
  39. Do you know the differences between Smoke and Mirrors and Angels and Visitations?
  40. Do you own Angels and Visitations anyway?
  41. Do you own Snow, Glass, Apples in comic form?
  42. Do you own On Cats and Dogs?
  43. Have you read Troll Bridge in the magazine with illustrations?
  44. Did you go find that poem that Gaiman mentioned in the introduction but didn't put in the book?
  45. Have you read Neverwhere?
  46. Own it?
  47. Know the difference between the American and British book?
  48. Seen the TV series?
  49. Researched the actors?
  50. Do you know who did the opening?
  51. Have you read Stardust ?
  52. Do you own Stardust in any of the following forms: Comics?
  53. Book?
  54. Nice illustrated book?
  55. Paperback?
  56. Do you own any combo of the above because you had to read/see the difference?
  57. Do you know the relation between Stardust and Howl's Moving Castle?
  58. Related People

  59. Do you know who Dave McKean is?
  60. Do you own the Dustcover collection?
  61. Do you own the tarot?
  62. Have you read/bought Cages?
  63. With CD?
  64. Have you bought any Mckean collection?
  65. Have you bought a CD just because you knew McKean did the art work?
  66. Know what singer Gaiman is friends with?
  67. What song he is mentioned in?
  68. What character he says she reminds him of?
  69. What character she says she thinks she is like?
  70. What book he wrote her into?
  71. What he wrote her in as?
  72. Have you read anything by Terry Pratchett(If before reading anything by Gaiman count it, these are good authors!)?
  73. Douglas Adams?
  74. Roger Zelazny?
  75. Gene Wolfe?
  76. Michael Moorcock?
  77. Any author who wrote for The Sandman: Book of Dreams?
  78. And You

  79. Do you own Warning, Contains Language?
  80. Do you own Notes from the Underground?
  81. Have you bought any book just because Gaiman did the introduction?
  82. Do you have any posters or t-shirts related to Gaiman?
  83. Are any of them store promotional items?
  84. Have you ever dressed like one of the characters?
  85. Have you ever gone to a book signing?
  86. Have you ever gone to a book signing dressed like one of the characters?
  87. Have you gotten the limit signed, then gotten back in line to get more things signed?
  88. Do you own the action figures?
  89. Do you have a lot of black clothes?
  90. Do you own a silver ankh?
  91. Do you wonder about how much Morpheus looks like Gaiman?
  92. Have you listened to "Nightgown of the Sullen Moon"?
  93. Did you make a long interpretation on how that story is directly related to that song?
  94. Have you noticed how often ice cream is mentioned?
  95. Have you ever read a whole Gaiman book(Sandman counts)in a day?
  96. Have you gotten British or other counties copies of any of the stories?
  97. Have you gotten a friend hooked on Gaiman?
  98. Have you talked a library into buying books by Gaiman?
  99. Can you not watch Midsummers Night Dream or the Tempest without thinking of Gaiman?
  100. Do you mind the Gap?
  101. Do you poke around antique shops very carefully?
  102. Do you always read the introduction?
  103. Do you own anything here by Gaiman which I didn't mention because I only have so much spare time to read in?
  104. Do you get really mad when someone looks at one of the graphic novels and says "It's just a comic book."?

Good going!