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Check out Rajin's pictures from last summers Italy trip and his parents visit to the Land of Enchantment in the Gallery!

Jamie A. Dufrene
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Welcome to my little Cajun Cyber Hideaway! Just to give you a brief history of myself, I was born on May 18, 1968, in Larose, Louisiana. Larose is located about 60 miles south-southwest of New Orleans, along Bayou Lafourche.

Growing up in Louisiana has to be the best experience for anyone, especially people who love the outdoors. My father and mother always took us hunting, fishing, and enjoying South Louisiana nature. My father is a trawler (shrimper) and we were his deckhands! It's not until you leave it, that you appreciate it.

I'm a 1986 graduate of South Lafourche High School, then attended LSU and Nicholls State University. In 1992, I decided to join the U.S. Air Force. My first assignment was to Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina. From there I moved to Kunsan Air Base, Korea. After doing a year tour, I was transferred to Holloman AFB, New Mexico, Home of the Stealth (F-117A).

It was there in Alamogordo, NM, that I met my beautiful wife, Jenny and got married.

Well, I finally relocated to the Great State of Alaska, The Last Frontier. I'm now in the Contracting career field and looking forward to work. Hopefully I will be able to put up some pictures of our trek up to Alaska last summer and again this winter. We experienced beautiful scenery and some pretty cool wildlife.

Please feel free to browse around. I've put pictures in the gallery of my summer trip to Italy and my parents trek to the Land of Enchantment. Also, I've taken great pride in building a web page about my favorite subject, Dolphins and Whales. Please take a look and don't forget to tell me what you think by signing my guestbook.

The future is that time when you'll wish you'd done what you aren't doing now.

~Mary H. Waldrip

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