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Sales info as of September 16, 2003...

I am currently taking limited orders for tack...if you don't mind waiting a bit. : ) The approximate time needed to finish a traditional scale costume is about 6 to 7 months from the time that I recieve the first downpayment.

In addition...I can usually fit in an order for a native halter, or SM scale costume in a much shorter time period. If you are interested in ordering me for specific prices/dates. : )

As a *very* general price guide:

Traditional Costume: around $320
Classic Costume: $250
LittleBit Costume: $175
Stablemate Costume: $100

Native Halter (TR scale): $35
(includes "Sham-scale")
Native Collar (TR scale): $35

Native Halter (CL scale): $30
Native Collar (CL scale): $30

Native Halter (LB scale): $25
Native Collar (LB scale): $25

Native Halter (SM scale): $20
Native Collar (SM scale): $20

DOLLS (new!)
Rider dolls are also now available from MarstonArt!!
Traditional scale riders will be around $100-$175, depending on what particular style he/she is, and what accessories the outfit might need.
This includes the Breyer doll body, any needed facial reworking, hairing, etc, clothing, and any accessories that the costume might require. Costumes are nonremovable, and not recommended for unsupervised play with small children. : )

Please note that these are only "ballpark" figures, actual prices vary based on design and materials of individual costumes. I realize that these prices may seem a bit on the high side...but each traditional costume takes me at least 60 hours of after subtracting some money for materials, I end up making less than $5 an hour! I also have a "Complete Satisfaction Guarantee" ... so if anyone is ever not happy with their item, for any reason...I will either replace or refund it.

Payment details:
I usually ask for one half of the total payment as a downpayment when a new order is placed. This allows me to purchase any necessary materials, as well as letting me know that the order is "real." The balance may be payed either over time as I work on the costume, or in one payment when the costume is completed. I *usually* do not accept trades, although there are occasional exceptions.

Currently For Sale...

As of April 2, 2003.

The following items are currently for sale. (Unpainted resins for sale are listed on "Prophecy's" page ...)
Prices vary slightly based on time and materials invested. Shipping for one costume is $8.00. (As of January 1, 2003) $1 for any additional costumes shipped in same box. (Includes miniature tack trunk, insurance, and delivery confirmation via US Priority Mail.)
Shipping for halters is $3.00 via regular mail, or $5.00 via Priority.
I prefer PayPal as method of payment, but I do also accept Money Orders, and personal checks.

With the exception of the ebay auction items, these costumes are available on a first come basis...

Please email me if you are interested!

(Click on photos to enlarge.)
Horses not included with tack.

"Purply" SM Costume

Click here for ebay auction.

"Peach Sorbet" Halter set Costume

SOLD...Thank you!

Arabian Rider Doll

Sold, thank you!

Red American Show Style Arabian Costume
Traditional scale.
(SOLD...thank you!)

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