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hey. this is my 2003 update. i thought it was probably about time, seeing as how we're almost 1/2 way through the year

i've had this page since 1999 when i was but 14 years old. i'm now 17. i want to write 18 but that would be a lie since i'm not 18 until august... but anyhow.

i live in dunedin, and i've lived here since i moved from auckland in 1992 (which by the way - out of new zealanders - is not the capital of new zealand, wellington is). i went to otago girls high school up until last year, and a lovely little time i had there too.

this year i'm a first year at otago university and i'm taking law, japanese, german and politics, and next semester i'll be taking english instead of pols. i went to japan in 1999 for a 2 week art camp, and in 2001-2002 i went to germany for a 2 month exchange and stayed in nordrhein-westpfalia in the ruhrgebiet in a small town called wetter. it was really cool... and then my host sister sarah came back and stayed with me and we got up to all kinds of mischiefs but that's another story isn't it?

i do things... all the time. my favourite past time is going to see live bands play and naturally having a drink with my friends every now and then. i'm not actually 18 but i have my ways around that. i'm with a lovely boy called niam and he's in a band called ritalin. i like to watch ritalin play. as i said, i like bands. my little brother george is also in a band called 66 stitches and they're really cool but my brother's the drummer and that really sucks because he has to practise... he likes to practise, and i don't like it when he practises. ah well.

anyway, leave me a little message in my guest book. i like to get messages in my guest book. they entertain me.

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