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Your Candle Burns Brightly

Your Candle Burns Brightly

I light a candle in your memory.
Your candle will forever burn brightly in my heart.

This candle burns for all the victims of the United States terrorist attack
God Bless them, their families and God Bless America!

This candle burns for all our soldiers who gave their lives protecting us. They gave all......
God Bless them, their families and God Bless America!

Shane "NOYD" Hebert
Dec. 3, 1977~Oct. 27, 1997
Thank you for almost 20 years of love
and laughter and for all the memories.
We treasure each and every one.
In Memory of Shane

Sawyer Allan Hanchey
~Born Into The Arms Of Angels~
March 4, 2000
Moma and Daddy's little cowboy.....
you will always be the first!
Loved and missed by
Daddy, Moma,
Chelsea and Hillary

Glynn E Carpenter, Sr.
June 27, 1937~Sept. 7, 1995
Glynn Carpenter Sr.

Billy J. Walker
Aug. 8, 1929
Jan. 27, 1996
There is rest in Heaven

Together Forever
Donna Walker
July 25, 1929
July 25, 1996

Jennie Elizabeth O'Neal
Nov. 27, 1909~June 2, 2000
One of the most wonderful women
God put on this earth.
Our loss is Heaven's gain.
Loved and missed by
her family and friends
A Tribute to My Grandmother

Sidney "Buddy" Gill
Jan. 7, 19552~May 18, 1999
There was no truer friend than Buddy.
Buddy, thank you for your friendship and
for all of the memories.
Rest in peace dear friend.
Mike, Judi, Jennie and Laurie
A Tribute to Buddy

James B. Monk
Feb. 22, 1933~May 8, 1999
We love you Paw-Paw J.B.
Love Jennie & Laurie
A Tribute to J.B.

Joshua T. Ginter
Oct. 31, 1981~Nov. 6, 1996
Forever Love in a Mothers Heart
Josh's Page

Michael Steven Sapp
Dec. 3, 1974~March 3, 1997
*our lives are better left to chance,
I could have missed the pain,
but I'd have had to miss the dance*
Mikey's Home page

Christopher Anthony Tuttle
March 12, 1974~May 7, 1997
"...the Man in the Moon to his little boys,
and the brightest Star in Heaven to his family."
Christopher Anthony Tuttle

Jay Distefano
Sept. 15, 1973
July 21, 1996

Scott Distefano
Sept. 8, 1975
July 1, 2002

"To be a child
is to know the joy of living,
to have a child
is to know the beauty of life"

Nancy's Boys
Joe Gardiner
June 20, 1970
Dec. 7, 1990

Kevin Thomas Bowles
Feb. 10, 1971~April 4, 1991
He left a radiance on earth
that time can never dim.
Kevin Bowles

Keith L Zeliger, II
April 21, 1995 - May 22, 1998
"If Love Could Have Saved You"
"You Would Have Never Died"

Shawn Michael Cook
June 5, 1970 ~ May 13, 1995
"I will cry silent tears forever"
Shawn Michael Cook

Shirley Francis Bowery
March 9, 1951~Dec. 25, 1957

Milagros Troche
Dec. 31, 1975
Jan. 5, 1976

To My Beloved Daughters
Sleep on and take thy rest,
We love you well,
Goodnight my loves, Goodnight!
An Angel Comes Home
Shaneba Rivera
Aug. 25, 1977
Oct. 15, 1993

Alexander Charles Thomas Morgan
May 31, 1996~Sept. 4, 1997
Forever in our hearts, forever our Angel
Alexander Charles Thomas Morgan

Devin Robert Davies
May 2, 1986~Nov. 21, 1997
The light that twinkled in your eyes
must now shine in another place.....
Devin Robert Davies

Alexandria Anette Charbeneau Phillips
July 10, 1987~Jan. 2, 1998
"We miss you little Princess and
we love you more than the moon and
the stars and the sky up above."

Melvin A. Charbeneau, III
May 27, 1959~Sept. 28, 1978
"Our Buddy"
"Forever In Our Hearts"
Love, Mom, Bud, Susie, Michele,
Cherie, Denise and Anette

Michael Kent Werner
Sept. 2, 1997~Sept. 3, 1997
"Held briefly in our arms,
but forever in our hearts."
Michael Kent Werner

Tina Marie Wendt
Jan.17,1967-March 15,1983
I'm glad I danced the DANCE
wish I could have had more time with you.
In memory of Tina

Justin David Harrison
Dec. 16, 1981~Aug. 21, 1997
Don't take your organs to Heaven....
Heaven knows we need them here.
For the Love of Justin

S. Russell Kamosky
Nov. 14, 1974~Oct. 14, 1997
I Now Live As Two....
Fulfilling Your Hopes, Dreams,
And Desires In Life.
Mom's Love

James W. McCombs, Jr. "Jamie"
Feb. 12, 1973
May 12, 1998

We hold you both in
our hearts...
Until we join you in forever....
In Loving Memory
Ashley Marie
Dec.11, 1996~Nov. 22, 1997

John F. Silva
March 23, 1976~Jan. 5, 1998
John F. Silva

Derek Alan Thiessen
Born Asleep
March 10, 1998
"Born silently into this world
and into the arms of angels"
In Loving Memory of Derek

Edward J. Osgood Jr.
"Our Little Eddie"

Tyler Sanderson Sargent
Feb. 12, 1996

Even though you both
went to play with the angels
before we got to bring you home,
you both will live
forever in our hearts.
In Loving Memory of
Tyler and Conner

Connor Edward Sargent
Sept. 29, 1998

Michael Thompson
Oct. 9, 1966~July 7, 1998
He was a man in every sense of the word
but he was my own, my son,
my hope, and my delight

Jennifer Rae Becker
Feb. 28, 1968~Dec. 28, 1993
My precious girl, my daughter, my treasured gift --
no words, and not enough tears.
But earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.
REST IN PEACE, til we see you at the top.
I miss you so -- I love you always, Mom

Amanda Lynn Patterson Hoover
Oct. 5, 1975 ~ Aug. 26, 1998
Sometimes when I'm lonely I remember
she can see , cause there's holes
in the floor of Heaven and I know
she's watching over you and me.
We love and miss you Pooh!

Jenny Suzanne Mullins
April 23, 1982~July 11, 1998
"Most people only dream of angels....
I held one in my arms"
"Nothing loved is ever lost...
and she was loved so much"
Forever in our hearts
We love you!!
Mom, Dad, Laura and Grandma

Cristopher Andrew Reed

Raymond F. Jones
Dec. 8, 1918
Oct. 5, 1997

Florence E. Jones
July 4, 1921
Dec. 17, 1997

Bernard L. Gambucci
Oct. 1, 1912~May 3, 1963
During the time that you were with us
you were in my heart and now that
you're gone you're still in my heart.

Joan D.Morris
Jan.11, 1936~April 16, 1992
Someday we will all rejoice in heaven with
you. God keep you safe until we are united
once again. We love you and Miss you.
Husband , Rinky
Children and their families,
Darlene, Joanne ,Brenda and Steve

Raymond Madara
March 9, 1927~ November 27 ,1998
You were taken so suddenly from us.
We know that you are safe with God now.
You will always be with us,in heart and mind.
It will be a glorious day in heaven
when we all meet again.
We love and miss you,
Your Children, Susan, Bob and Ron
and their families

Walter D. Broadhead
Aug. 14, 1941~Jan. 27, 1993
To soon you left us, we loved you so,
the greatest father I ever knew,
so much you taught us,
you blessed our lives.
Thank you Daddy I love you.
Kelly, Tim, Tom, and baby Liam.

Harry Wayne Schmoll
Aug. 4, 1932~Feb. 27, 1999
Your spirit of Love,
Happiness and Peace
will live in our hearts forever.

In Loving Memory of
Robin Artolista McDonald
Oct. 2, 1975~Aug. 22,1997

Gary Lee Putti
Passed away June 11, 1962
Dad you where taken from me before we had
a chance to do the Father son things.I missed
you so much in my life, but Mom did a great job
...We both love you and hope all the angels
above are watching over us...

Carl Frank Caccamise
Nov. 12, 1911~Sept. 4, 1998
Grandpa I cant describe the Love I had for you
and I want to thank you for all you did in my life.
You taught me so much and I miss you so much.
You are in a wonderful place now with my Father.
Take care of each other.
All my love
Gary Lee Putti Jr

Dominick Nicholaus Alliano
April 22,1964~April 21,1999
You came into my life, sent from above....
When I lost all hope, you showed me love.......
Love, Mom, Mel, Lenny
and all your sisters

Travis Wade Robinson
Feb. 22, 1978~Feb. 28, 1999<

Brandon Frostad-Breitkreutz
April 10, 1978~Feb. 28, 1999

In memory of my son
8/23/76 to 1/1/99
You are finally and forever free
Miss and love you so much

This candle burns in memory of the
Wedgewood Baptist Church Shooting Victims
Sept. 15, 1999

If you would like to light a candle
for the victims
Candles for Wedgewood Church

This candle burns in memory of
Columbine High School Victims
Littleton, Colorado
More heartache, more tears.
April 20, 1999

This candle burns in memory of
~All school shooting victims~
They are not forgotten.
Moss Lake, WA Feb.~1996
Bethel, AK~Feb. 1997
Pearl, MI~Oct. 1997
W.Paducah, KY~Dec. 1997
Jonesboro, AR~March 1998
Edinboro, PA~April 1998
Fayetteville ,TN~May 1998
Springfield, OR~May 1998
Richmond, VA~June 1998

~Timothy Allan Littlepage~
We need to put a stop to violence, too many
families are going through this pain.
Tim we love you and we miss you.

~Melissa "Mitzy" Romines
June 11,1964----Dec.14,1998
When God called,you answered
We love and miss you so very much
Stand beside the gate and wait on us
We'll be there soon.We love you.

APRIL 1,1978-FEB. 9,1993

June 16, 1981
March 6, 1999

Samuel Fields
Dec. 1, 1998
May 4, 1999
Sammy, you are the breeze I feel, the
sunshine on my face,little love,
mommy misses you deeply.


Thomas Rearick
Oct. 18, 1944
Feb. 14, 1992
Daddy, oh how I miss you, please take care
of my baby, hold him tightly, gently rock him
to sleep until I come to meet you both.

Marissa Gabrielle Myers
She was born prematurely at 2 lbs. 1oz. and
she left this earth at 3 and 1/2 years old in
a most tragic car crash. Marissa became an organ
donor and saved the lives of three children and
one adult. She came into this life the tiniest of
Miracles but she left this world Magnificent!!!
We LOVE and MISS our "Twinkle Star".
You are ours ETERNALLY!!!!!!!
Sweet Dreams, my darling baby girl!
Marissa Gabrielle Myers

Bobby Walker
Feb. 27, 1977~Dec. 2, 1996
My only son, The day you left me, I too lost
my life. Bobby you will always be in my heart
and soul. I love and miss you so much
I will love You Forever,
Love You, Mom
Bobby Walker

Callie Michele McCraw
"To my beautiful Callie, you gave the ultimate
gift...the gift of life through your donation of
your organs so others may see yesterday,
today and tomorrow.
You are my Peace, Love, and Happiness!
Your Mommy ( Delaine) and Daddy doodles (Chris)
Callie's Page

In memory of my dad,
James Packard.
Dec 12, 1933~March 10,1999
I miss you, Dad
Love, your daughter Janet

Gary Ray Selby, Jr.
March 9, 1974~Oct. 4, 1992
Killed by drunk driver.
In Memory of Gary

This candle lit in memory of
~Tanner Jason Tobac~
Born into the arms of Angels
~September 30, 1999~
By his Mom
In Memory of Tanner

This candle is also lite for
Tanner Tobac
born and taken from his loving family on
September 30, 1999.
Rest in peace little one.

This candle lit in memory of
Thomas G. Dolby, Jr.
~Sept. 2, 1970~Feb. 19, 1990~
Forever on our minds,
Forever in our hearts.

This candle is lit in memory of
Brandon W. Smith
June 13, 1998~Oct. 12, 1999
Whom is now an angel baby. We all love you very much,
and can't wait to be with you again.

This candle is lit in memory of
Christopher Faller
May 7, 1990 - March 24, 1998
Forever in our hearts....
Maria's Tribute to Christopher

Joe Gonzales III
November 24, 1998 ~ February 26, 1999
Our Little Angel

Joshua Eugene Hedglin
God broke our hearts to prove he only takes the best.
My forever bear, I love you,
May God keep you all in his loving care
may your days be filled with sunshine
and sprinkled with angel dust
Reckless Horseplay

Christopher Ash
Our little ray of sunshine
Memorial to Christopher

Grace Isabella Trunzo
~Stillborn on 9/21/99~
"I give you now back to him,
but will hold you in my heart forever
For truly you are my fleeting miracle
My precious Grace of God."
Grace's Page

Franklin Andrew Rumsey
~October 28, 1998~
In our lives 7 hours,
In our hearts forever!
Franklin's Story

Taken at 12 weeks of pregnancy in 1993
Taken at 15 weeks of pregnancy in 1995
My Littlest Angel
Taken at 8 weeks of pregnancy Nov. 11, 1998

Hold each other tight my angels, and imagine
it's my arms that surround you.

6/15/93 at 19 weeks
10/12/96 at 22 weeks
7/12/99 at 19 weeks
~Forever in our hearts they will always be remembered~

Keadon Ray Yonker
born May 21, 1999
died May 21, 1999
at 4months along, from water breaking too early...
Parents Ken & Mary Yonker
My dreams were shattered the day God took you away,

Michael Jeffrey and Kevin Matthew Miller
Born 9/30/98~Died 9/30/98
Identical twin angels, born too soon
for this earth at 24 weeks.
They are together forever as God intended.
Mommy and Daddy will love you forever.
~Our Angels~
Michael Jeffrey and Kevin Matthew Miller

Matthew Dietrich
Oct. 10, 1997
Born Still
Forever In

Our Hearts
Anna Renee Dietrich
Sept. 30, 1998
Oct. 10, 1998

Madison Adair Heaverin
July 5, 1999 - July 6, 1999
She spent a moment in our arms;
She'll spend forever in our hearts.
In Memory of Madison

Brenda Bicard McGowan
1/18/71~ 4/24/99
Your Smile and Your Laughter
Will Be In My Heart Always
Love Mom, Dad, Donna, Thomas, Fabian
In Loving Memory of My Sweet Angel Brenda

Arlana Renee Meyst
6/14/89 ~ 12/18/97
"Though we never really met, you always were,
and always will be in my heart."

Isaiah Michael Lowden
Jan. 24, 1998 ~ Jan. 24, 1998
Our beautiful son is now with God.
May your journey be blessed and your light shine bright.
Mommy and Daddy will always love you and
your heart is with our souls.
Our Guardian Angel

Donald Glenn Lovelace
Dec. 10, 1983~July 20, 1997
You lived every day like there
would be no tomorrow and I am thankful for you
teaching me and your Daddy that. You are in
Heaven now with God, you will always remain
in our hearts as the greatest love we have
ever known. We love and miss you so much.
Keep smiling and one day we will join you there.
Love Mom and Dad.

In memory of...
JULY 16, 1998 - MAY 31, 1999

a hug is an amazing thing...
a hug is a way to share joy...
and hugs are meant for me to give
to you and you to give to me...
a hug is a way to share joy...
and the sad things we go through.
I would give the world to share just
one more hug with you!

Every time I see a baby smile I think of you!
Every day it seems to get a little harder to not
have you, but I remember the little time I had with
you and it makes me laugh because you were just so
cute! I know one day we will be together and I will
always look forward to that day. Until then I will take
care of your mommy, daddy and your new little brother
because I love them for sharing you with me.

I love you Munchee and you will always be in
my heart and thoughts for as long as we are apart!

,Aunt Gator

Shelley Marie Beasley
Nov. 18, 1979~Sept. 28, 1998

"Her Song Is Ended,
But the Melody Lingers On"

In Rememberance of Shelley

Born Still, 0/22/92 at 4 1/2 months

Born Still, 9/2/95 at 4 1/2 months

Born Still, 4/19/96 at 4 1/2 months

You will never be forgotton, we love you
and know we will see you again in heaven.
The holidays are here again, they are
very painful because, you are not here
with us, and they are very hard to deal with.

Our Three Angels

FEB. 15, 1932 ~ SEPT. 8, 1993

SEPT. 2, 1955 ~ MAY 11, 1998

In loving memory of my mother
Mary Alice Dartez Perry
July 26, 1938 ~ Nov. 10, 1997
Killed by a underaged drunk driver in New Iberia, Louisiana
'My heart will go on and on...'
love forever eternal from your daughter,

In loving memory of
Timothy Mark Williams
Oct. 25,1966 ~ May 3,1988
You will always be in our thoughts and prayers
until we are together again. We hold you deep
in our hearts. We love you and miss you
very much.
Brenda, Michael, Kevin, & Elizabeth

In loving memory of
Timothy Mark Williams
Oct. 25,1966 ~ May 3, 1988
I will always love you, very very much.
Whenever I am sad, I think of you. You
are always deep in my heart and thoughts.
With all my love
your son
Michael Anthony

In loving memory of
Charles Dean Price
"Chuck - A - Duck"
Feb. 26, 1972 - Sept. 17, 1998
I now know there is laughter in Heaven
For you are there. I will forever remember
the joy and laughter you brought into our life's.
I miss you!!!
Love, Mom

In memory of
Mark Anthony Sherman
Murdered April 5, 1992 at the age of 22
Unsolved homicide
Millville,New Jersey

Nicholas Joseph Iezzi
October 18, 1993
April 29, 2000
Forever Together
Son and father

Our Guardian Angels
Bryan and Anthony

Joseph Carmen Iezzi
January 12, 1966
May 12, 2000

Alyssa Ranee Isaac
Born Into The Arms Of Angels
~May 23, 2000~
To a wonderful grand daughter that
I didn't have the pleasure of seeing
being raised, but the love that I
have for her will never die.
Grandpa Jr.

Robert "Bobbie" Au
April 8, 1972~Sept. 1998
"You were my best friend, and not a
day goes by that I don't think of you"

Jason Willis Jenkins
October 24, 1984 ~ August 16, 1999
Fly High My Sweet Angel
Love, Mom

Beatrice Irene Weldon
June 4th, 1925- July 22, 2000
I loving memory of my grandmother
"mom-mom" Beatrice Irene Weldon.
Mom-Mom we will love you forever and may your life
in heaven be the best of anything it could be here
on earth. Your probably on a cruise ship in Hawaii
eating pinapple and sitting on the deck soaking up
the rays. I will love you always you were my favorite
grandparent in the whole world and I will never ever
forget you.

Love you always, Sharon,Steven,Sam,Bob,Robbie,
Linda,Diana,and Dawn

Morgan Lance Thomas
Dec. 14, 1983 ~ Oct. 12, 1999
"An Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground"
We love you, Dad, Mom, Rad, Tina

Jonathan Dwayne Pace
May 13, 1994 -June 14, 1999
Daddy's little man
and Mommy's sweetheart.
Jonathan Pace Memorial Pages

Mathew Alan Sheely
Oct. 21, 1984 ~ June 1, 1997
Mathew you will never be forgotten.
You were always moms best friend,
Shane's fishing pal, Ashlie's big
protector and Travis Big Buddy!
We all miss you and know your
in heaven watching over all of us!
Love MOM!!!!!
In Memory of Mat

Tanya Marie Rhodes
May 3, 1978 ~ Nov. 29, 1993
My Sweet Tanya,
I am so very greatful to have been blessed with such
a beautiful and loving daughter. You touched so many lives
with your warm personality and giving was. When someone
was down you had a way of making them smile and feel better.
Everyone misses your warm personality and beautiful smiling eyes.
I Love You So Very Much, Mom
Tanya's Memorial Page

Jim V. Sciarra
Born February 27th 1956....Bethlehem, PA
Went with his Guardian Angel on August 04 2000....Los Angeles, CA
My Dear Precious Son,
Jim we miss you with all our heart & soul & love you more
today then yesterday....You will NEVER be out of our minds
or heart....I only wish Jesus would have called for me instead
of you....You are beside me everyday 24/7 and I honestly
believe you hear me right now....Jim you were the bravest
man I've ever met and you fought one hell of a battle....
Wewill see you again Jim and untill then our candles will burn....
and our hearts will yearn....
In memory of my son Jim....

Joshua Dean Thomas McNaught
Jan. 5, 1989~Feb. 14, 2000
Josh, A year has almost gone since I lost you. The shock is
still very much here. You weren't only my son, you were
my best friend. Our lives will never be the same without
you son. The night the police came to my door to tell me you
were dead my life changed forever. Things left unsaid will
never be heard, I will never see your beautiful smile or that
twinkle in your eyes. I miss you Josh more and more each day.
Until we can be together again every time I see a rainbow I will
know that you too are thinking of me and that our hearts will be
connected forever. So until then keep soaring with the angels and keep
visiting me in my dreams.
I love you MELLONS
A Tribute To My Son Joshua

Nicole Lynn Gardner
July 7, 1977~July 22, 2000
To the most wonderful daughter a mother could ask for,
I couldn't have done better if I hand picked you myself.
I miss you each and every day and can't wait to be with
you again. If I could have one wish it would be to hold
that beautiful face in my hands and look into those deep
brown eyes and tell you what you have meant to me. and even though
you didn't get much of a chance I know you would have been a great
mom to Cheyenne so sweetie I'll leave with the words I always leave
with when I visit
In Memory of Niki

These candles lit in memory of
Brittani, Dylan, and Kirsty Rumsey
Killed in a shooting by their father

These candles lit in memory of
The Yates Children
Noah 2/26/94
John 12/15/95
Paul 9/13/97
Luke 2/15/99
Mary 11/30/00

Taken from this world by their mother
June 20, 2001

Gregory Vincent Watts
Oct. 15, 1973~Aug. 11, 1998

Every second of every day you are
in my heart. I miss your face and
your smile. Life is just not the
same without you my precious son.

Jeffery Allen Ola
Born: Sept. 2, 1965 Murdered: Jan. 6, 2001

May you sleep with the angels until we meet again.
We, your family will always love you and miss you
dearly and I your mother will find who did this to
you, if it be God's will.

Love your mother, Georgie King and Wayne your step-dad
brother Gary Ola, your sister Cathy McFarlin,
son Cody Ola, daughter Crissy Ola, Little Ma-Ma
and Pa-Pa, Little Gary, Hunter, Raven, Desity,
Channce and Heaven.

We love you Jeffery Medic 37

Jeffery's Page

Brandon Monrose
Jan. 30, 1989~Oct. 2, 2000

A very Special boy who became an Angel too soon.
Mommy loves you Brandon NOW AND FOREVER.

Brandon's Story

Christopher Acosta
July 14, 1978~Sept. 12, 1999

Our son We love and miss you, every minute
of the day. You were special in so many
different ways. You will live forever in
our minds, and in our hearts.

Christopher Acosta

Our Special Little Angel
Kayla Ann Carbone
May 10, 2002~August 21, 2002

Loving you forever
Aunt Barbara, Uncle Junior & Jenilyne

Robert "Butch" Petitt
August 24,1940~Feburary 20,2001

Loving You Always and Forever
till we meet again.
Thanks for the 41 years of memories
Your wife Darlene

Travis Robinson
February 28th 1999

My first love,
my true love,


Ronald James Holland
Sept. 12 1954~Dec. 3, 2002

Died at the age of 48
due to Sugar Diabetes

Brooklynn Hope Hall
Aug. 16, 2002~Jan. 2, 2003

We love you Sunshine!! Continue to watch over
mommy and daddy everyday. We will see you
again some day. Miss you bunches.

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Brooklynn's Page

Sept. 16, 1982~April 21, 2000

Candice you were my angel on earth
and now you are my angel in heaven.."
I love you with all my heart and more."


Shawn Michael Lightner
November 20, 1973~May 19, 2003

"No Farewell Words Were Spoken,
No Time To Say Goodbye. You Were
Gone Before We Knew It, And Only
God Knows Why"

Love Mom, Dad, Tamee and Ciera

Isabel Grace Rabine Ford
June 23, 2003-Born Still At 40 Weeks

Daughter of Abbey Rabine & Jake Ford
Isa, We love and miss you everyday!
Hope you are happy......we are so
proud of you.

If tears could build a stairway and
memories a lane...we'd walk right up
to Heaven and bring you home again.

Isabel's Page

Ray Carroll Childree Jr.
February 3,1980~October 22,1996

Unspoken Farewells
Farewell words were never spoken,
No time to say goodbyes,
You left us before we knew it,
And we'll never know the "why".
The pain of your absence is unbearable,
You were so loved by those you knew,
One day we'll rejoice and know renewed joy,
When we're once again with you.

Author ~ Sandra Hemstock ~

Ray's Page

Jason Scott Griffith
November 20, 1978~April 6, 2003

Jason is missed deeply by his mom,
step dad and father, brother Justin.
We love you son and brother

Jason's Page

Melissa Renee Davis
October 20, 1976~December 24, 1976

Mother - Virginia Davis, Father - Mark Halligan
and siblings - Joe, Christina, Jennifer

Loved with my heart, held tenderly in my soul.
In loving memory of my precious child.

Melissa's Page

Davie Grajiola
Feb. 23, 1967
Oct. 28, 2003

You will forever be my Baby Boy. You thanked me for always holding your hand, could you please, please hold mine now because without you is so very hard. I will miss you and love you forever. You no longer walk alone now that you're in your special place" far beyond the stars"
Remember always... Momma's here.


Luis Casiano Jr
March 3, 1962
Oct. 27, 2004

My precious son, my first-born. I am sorry this world got too big for you. I am sorry you had to be in so much pain. I am sorry I couldn't be there to help you. You rest now and be at peace. I was and will always be so proud of you. Thank you for my two beautiful grandsons, I will help watch over them. I love you and miss you. My heart holds you forever so you will never really be gone. On my loneliest times I will look up and hope to see you riding your bike across the sky.
Remember always, Momma's here.

SFC Deborah Lee Johnsen, MP
October 3, 1966~April 25, 2003

The candles that burn brightest in their day
Gather shafts of sunbeams, then give them all away.
Until we meet again,
Sweet Deborah Lee,
Golden Bee of the glenn,
Shine bright and safe and free....

Deborah's Page

Brian Randle Ross "Randy"
December 6, 1970~September 25, 2002

You were taken from us so suddenly and unexpectedly.
The pain we felt then is still here today. We love
and miss you and will continue to pray and fight for
justice for you. They know who thay are and they
have to deal with it everyday they live.

Love Always, Mom, Jerry, David, Courtney,
Brian and many other family and friends

In Loving Memory of
Jason Ramirez
Nov. 30, 1984~Nov. 28, 2002

We thought of you with love today,
But that was nothing new.
We thought about you yesterday,
And days before that too.
We think of you in silence,
We often speak your name.
Now all we have are memories,
And a picture in a frame.
Your memory is our keepsake,
With which we will never part.
God has you in His keeping,
We have you in our hearts.

You are greatly missed My Sweet Angel
Love your Mom Deanna and Bro Daniel

Jason's Page

In Loving Memory of
Sgt. David James Davidson

You are greatly missed and loved
Your loving Mother Rosemary and John Mead,
Sisters Deanna, and Cheryl and Brother Rollie

In Loving Memory Of
Rollie Albert Diehl
Loving father and grandfather

Thinking of you always with love
Deanna, Cheryl, Connie, David, Rollie,
Terry, Reanna, Daniel, Brett, Chad,
Gabreanna and Jovani

In Loving Memory Of
Jason Ramirez
Nov. 3, 1983~Nov. 28, 2002
Aaron Mattison
Feb. 10, 1983~Aug. 8, 2001

You are both loved and missed by many

By your Mothers, Deanna Fernandez,
Leanna Mattison and many friends

In Loving Memory Of
Cadence Marie
Jan. 15, 2004~June 25, 2004

Good-by my precious Cadence
I will see you again in Heaven
Missed so much by your loving family,
Cher, Jameson, Andrew, Emily,
Papa Charlie, "Mickett", Breanna, Dylan
& your identical sisters, Katelyn Paige
& Kali Raine.

"We're sure missing a lot of good times
because you are not here".

In Loving Memory Of
Chad Phillip Pendergrass
Sept 21, 1972~June 10, 1986

Thanks for being that great son
and brother. We love and miss you so much.
Daddy, Mama & Audrey

A Parents Broken Heart

My love for you is not written on paper.
For paper can be erased.
Nor is my love for you etched in stone.
For stone can be broken.
But my love for you is inscribed in my heart.
Where it shall remain forever.

Remembering Chad

In Loving Memory Of
Ginni Creasey
Feb. 10, 1987~March 1, 2004

As the days go by
We think of you
Here among the living.
Your heart was big,
Your soul was pure, You kept on giving and giving.
So now there is a tribute to you,
A legacy to remember.
We've started a foundation,
"Ginni Marches On"
So your essence will linger.

Loving and thinking of you always,
Mom, Dad and Laurie

Ginni Marches On

In Loving Memory Of
Janae' Mills
Dec. 9, 1987~March 1, 2004

We will always remember you Janae'. You were like a daughter to us.

Love, the Creaseys


Jason Frank Sanguedolce
April 7, 1997~Oct. 2, 2004

His memory will live on forever
and he will never be forgotten

Love always and forever
Mom, Dad, Stacy, and Lexi

Jason's Site

In Loving Memory of
My Two Friends

Ashley Lynn Morgan
Jan. 27, 1989~June 15, 2004

Sierra Lynn Cerrone
Oct. 13, 1989~June 15, 2004

I love and miss them more than
I ever knew I would.

Ashley & Sierra's Site

Marissa Gabrielle Myers

An eternal flame for our
beautiful granddaughter.
Forever in our hearts.
MawMa and PaPa

Shawn Wade Thomason
Jan 12, 1983~April 5, 2001

You were an angel that walked among us
A friend to everyone
A brother to his brothers
A son no one can take from his mother
You are my angel, I love you

Shawn's Site

Keaton Baily
Forever 16

We love and miss you!
Holly and the Class of 2007

In Loving Memory of

Ashley Lynn Morgan
Sierra Lynn Cerrone
Justin James LaBarbera

Please Remember to drive safe, and take
responsibilites for others in your cars,
this is how these three precious lives were
taken, please don't make it anymore.. DRIVE SAFE!

Missing and loving them, everystep of the way

Earl Paul Roberts III

My angel son Scooby, you will live
on in mama's heart forever.
I had you for 30 years and now
your with our Lord in Heaven.
Gone, but never forgotten and
forever connected to me.

Lovem Mama

In Loving Memory Of
Judi Anne Bacon Fricke
June 23, 1971- March 8, 2003

God knew that you were suffering,
That the hills were hard to climb,
So he gently closed your eyelids,
And whispered "Peace be thine."
In tears we watched you sinking,
We watched you fade away,
Our hearts were nearly broken,
You fought so hard to stay,
But when we saw you sleeping,
So peaceful, free from pain,
We could not wish you back,
To suffer that again,
It broke our hearts to see you go,
But you did not go alone,
For part of us went with you,
The day God called you home.

We miss you so much,
Love, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother,
nieces & nephews

In Loving Memory Of
Shirley M. (Souza) Reine
August 8, 1953 - May 9, 2005

We who love you, sadly miss you,
As it dawns another year,
In our lonely hours of thinking,
Thoughts of you are ever near.

Shirley's Page

In Loving Memory Of
Angelica Lynn Hatchell
January 15, 1987 - September 9, 2002

You are our heart and soul. We miss you with
every breath we take. We will meet you in Heaven,
"One Sweet Day"

Hugs, Love and Kisses,
Mama, Gan-Mama, Gan-Daddy and Aunt-Wendy

In Loving Memory Of
Tanner Anthoni William Wescott Reynolds
My baby became an Angel on
January 25, 2004
Left our arms, but never our hearts

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