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Johnny Sonnier & Cajun Heritage


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February 29, 1960 Johnny Sonnier was born. From a early age Johnny would be infatuated with cajun music. At a early age of nine after beating on his mothers pots and pans, since he was 5. Johnny got his first set of makeshift drums. Be it good or bad the stage was set for him to become one of the best cajun musician in La.

In the years to come he would learn to play every instrument there was, while his heart belonged to the accordian. Johnny would buy his first set of drums for $100.00, sellling fruits on the corner of Opelousas, La. At the age of 13, Johnny began playing with Gordon Lalonde as a drummer. It was his first real break into the music. The accordian was on his mind at all times. Every dance Gordon would let Johnny play 2 selections on the accordian, Johnny will always be grateful for this break. With the desire to be a accordian player, he formed his first band called "Cajun Fugitive".

In the fall on 1982, Johnny changed his style of music to a what many believe was the start of progressive or zydecajun music. This may be witnessed on the 45 " The Devil Went Down To New Iberia"which was released in 1984 before many groups now playing began. But life and work called Johnny to relocate to Mississippi. He never gave up trying to promote his music. He drove the 189 mile coomute back and forth every weekend to keep playing his music. Johnny held that band together for 1 1/2 years.. till long drives and sleepless nights took its toll on him..he disbanded the group. A year went by when his music began to call him back. So Johnny came home and began playing with Howard Noel and the Cajun Ramblers. Where he cut several 45's. Including "Saturday Night Special, Cajun Ramblers Special, Paul Daigle on the Jukebox,Not To Blame. In 1988 Johnny formed Cajun Heritage.In May of 1989, Johnny released his first "Tous Les Dimanche Apris Medi". This album consist of 10 new songs. It was a hugh sucess. Johnny released in 1990 his second album "Oh! Pour Les Memoirs". Thanks to 2 special people, Harry Poche and the late Kenneth Vallot. Johnny believes in keeping the original, but he also continues on searching for a way to keep the cajun music alive.Those who understand and live it as he does, knows what it means to be a cajun and a musician. Johnny has a way of touching peoples lives with his music. He seems to be able to know what they want to hear in his songs. Johnny is his music. He knows people, their likes, emotions. In 1993, Johnny released his 3 CD, "Send a Message to My Heart"This also had 10 brand new songs. Never before heard or played. Also in 1993 he released two moroe 45's "In the Barn" & " When a Tear Becomes a Rose". Johnny's daughter Amber sings professioonally with her dad from time to time. She is learning to play the fiddle and hopes some day to play with her dad. Johnny has 3 other children that play music. One can see that the music surely will live on.

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