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James LeGros

James LeGros is one of the hottest actors around today! He's appeared in over 40 movies and has worked on TV and the stage and most recently has joined the cast of "Ally McBeal" (see info below).

James was born April 27, 1962 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His Dad (now deceased) was a redlands, Calif., real estate agent and his Mom is a teacher. James became interested in acting early on performing in plays in high school and college. At 19 he dropped out of the University of California at Irvine and moved to L.A. to look for work. He earned an apprenticeship with the South Coast Repertory. He landed his first movie "The ratings Game" with Danny DeVito in 1984.

Although he's appeared in some big budget movies James is quite popular in the independent film world and has starred in such indie movies as "Drugstore Cowboy" with Matt Dillon, "My New Gun" with Diane Lane, "Floundering," with John Cusack and Ethan Hawk "Living In Oblivion" with Steve Buscemi and Catherine Keener, "Destiny Turns On The Radio" with Quentin Tarrantino and Dillon McDermot, and "Wishful Thinking" with Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Beals.

James' TV credits include "Simon and Simon," "Knight Rider," "Punky Bruster," and more recently, "Rosanne," "ER," and "LA Doctor's." His work in theater includes such production's as "Boy Meets Girl," "Slab Boys," "Becoming Memories," and David Mamet's "American Buffalo."

James is married to actress/photographer Kristina Loggia, 39, who is the daughter of actor Robert Loggia. She appears in the films "The Low Life" and "The Destiny of Marty Fine" with James. They have two sons, ages 6 and 3. They split their time between Los Angeles and New York where Kristina's family lives.

James is such a talented and versatile actor he's sure to be around for a long, long time!

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