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Welcome to LALA's Heart Prints

I will be adding to this site very soon
Please come again.
We will be placing poems, Short stories, and Other bits of inspiration.

Over the years on the net, I have made many dear friends.
Some of these sweet people have touched my heart very deeply.
Some with the wonderful support that they have given,
some with little poems and short stories they have sent in my email.

Alot of lessons in life come from the writtings of others.
On these pages you will find what has touched my heart,
and I hope they touch yours as well.

Thank YOU my friends!!
You have left heart prints in my life.
((((((( hugs ))))))

Friends are Angels on Earth
who help us to grow.


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I'd love to know you were here.
Thanks :)
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A Child's View
Of Jesus
Tommy Story
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Wind Miracle
For A Reason
My Day In Court
Lord I Thank You
Morning Prayer
A Child's Simple Prayer
God's Baseball Game
The Bird Cage
Open Your Heart
One Christmas
I Got Flowers Today
I Wish
My First Christmas
In Heaven
Reach For The Stars
Children's Letters
To God

If you have a story or poem
that you would like to share
please E-Mail Me
with the mail button above.

Most of these stories and poems
I recieved with Author Unknown,
if you see one and know who the Author is
please let me know, so that I may give credit.

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