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        There were 102 passengers that embarked on the Mayflower:
        Christopher Jones was the captain,they anchored at Cape Cod Nov 11 1620: The Mayflower and the crew stayed in America that first winter, the crew suffered the effects of the first winter just as the Pilgrims did, with almost half dying. Besides passengers, the Mayflower carried a crew of thirty or more. Very little is known about the specific crew members or all their names, but what is known is presented here.

        Crew Members: Christopher Jones Captain:
        John Clarke, Masters Mate and Pilot
        Robert Coppin, Masters Mate
        Giles Heale, Ships Surgeon
        John Alden, Cooper(barrel maker)
        other seamen known: Andrew Williamson, John Parker, Mr Ely, Master Leaver< the other 20 or so are unknown:
        Passengers on the "Mayflower": and the connections to the Belcher Family:
        Other connections are probable but have not been researched:

        1....JOHN ALDEN:
        John and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden had ten children, 69 grandchildren and nearly 500 great-grandchildren.
        On 13 June 1688 the heirs of John Alden, Sr., of Duxbury, signed a release in favor of Jonathan Alden stating that they had received their portion of the estate. Those signing were: Alexander Standish (in ye Right of my wife Sarah deceased), John Bass (in ye right of my wife Ruth, deceased), Mary Alden, Thomas Delano, John Alden, Joseph Alden, David Alden, Priscilla Alden and William Paybody (Plymouth Co PR, 1:10, 16; The Mayflower Descendant, vol. 3:11).
        Belcher connections to the Alden family:
        These connections to the Alden families are direct ancestors of some Belcher Families: the Belcher families of Virginia, Ky, Wva are indirect ancestors: through marriages of other Belcher family lines.
        Connection #1:daughter: Ruth Alden::birth: unknown ::died: 12 October 1674, Braintree Married: John Bass, 12 May 1657, Braintree: son Joseph Bass married Mary Belcher:
        Connection #2:::Elizabeth Alden::Elizabeth b.cir 1623-1625:: died: Plymouth 31 May 1717, Married::William Pabodie, 26 December 1644, Duxbury:child::Hannah Pabodie, Samuel Bartlett:
        The Bartlett Connections are also through marriages of other Bartlett family lines:
        as far as we know at present since Tabithas Father has not been identified as yet:

        Franklin Delano Roosevelt Connection: daughter::::Rebecca Alden b: bef 1649 aft 13 June 1688, married: Thomas Delano , bef 30 October 1667 son of Phillip Delano:
        They are ancestors to Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Vice President Dan Quayle,(George) Orson Welles (1915-1985),Adlai Ewing Stevenson II, Adlai Ewing Stevenson III, and many others: The former Norma Jeane Baker, far better known as Marilyn Monroe,Frank Nelson Doubleday,Alleged originator of baseball and Union general in the U.S. Civil War; wife of Nathaniel Hawthorne( Sophia Peabody Hawthorne)
        there are several other Belcher connections to the Alden family very remotely:

        2.....Issac Allerton, 3.....Mary Allerton(wife) died first winter
        4.....Bartholomew Allerton(son) ,5.....Mary Allerton(daughter) ,6.....Remember Allerton(daughter)
        7.....John Allerton(no relation to other allertons)died the first winter
        8.....Don Billington ,9.....Eleanor Billington(wife), 10.....Frances Billington (relation unkown) ,11.....John Billington (son)
        12.....William Bradford:13.....Dorothy May Bradford (wife) died first winter
        14.....WILLIAM BREWSTER:::::15.....Mary Brewster (wife), 16.....Love Brewster(son), 17.....Wrestling Brewster (son)
        Belcher connections:through the Bartlett families:
        son Love Brewster::::b: 1611 probably Leyden Holland: married: Sarah Collier, 15 May 1634, Plymouth:: their daughter Sarah Brewster: then Samuel Bartlett:
        The Bartlett Connections are also through marriages of other Bartlett family lines:
        as far as we know at present since Tabithas Father has not been identified as yet:

        18.....Richard Britteridge, died the first winter:
        19.....Peter Brown
        20.....William Butten died first winter:
        21.....Robert Cartier(carter)died the first winter
        22.....John Carver , died in April after surviving the first winter23.....Katherine Carver(wife) survived thefirst winter , died in April,and 24..... a servant Dorothy
        26.....James Chilton , died the first winter:27.....Susanna Chilton(wife) died first winter 28..... Mary Chilton (?)
        29.....Richard Clarke
        30.....FRANCIS COOKE ::::,31.....John Cooke (son)
        Belcher Connections
        John bp. January-March 1607, Leyden, Holland 23 November 1695, Dartmouth Sarah Warren, 28 March 1634, Plymouth: Sarah's sister Mary Warren b:c1610, England 27 March 1683, Plymouth Married:Robert Bartlett, after 22 May 1627
        The Bartlett Connections are also through marriages of other Bartlett family lines:
        as far as we know at present since Tabitha Bartletts Father has not been identified as yet:

        32.....Humility Cooper
        33.....John Crackston died the first winter:,34.....John Crackston (son)
        35.....Edward Doty
        36..... Francis Eaton ,37.....Sarah Eaton (wife), died first winter 38.....Samuel Eaton (son)39..... (first name unkown)
        40.....Mr. Ely (sailor)
        41.....Thomas English, died the first winter:
        42.....Moses Fletcher , died the first winter:
        43.....Edward Fuller , died the first winter:44.....,Ann Fuller (wife), died first winter :45.....Samuel Fuller(son)
        46.....Samuel Fuller(not related)Physician)
        47.....Richard Gardiner
        48.....John Goodman
        49.....William Holbeck, died the first winter:
        50.....John Hooke age 15 died first winter:
        51.....Steven Hopkins ,52.....Elizabeth Hopkins(wife) 53.....,Giles Hopkins(son) ,54.....Constance Hopkins(daughter) ,55.....Damaris Hopkins(daughter ),56..... Oceanis Hopkins(son)(born during voyage)
        57.....John Howland
        58.....John Langmore , died the first winter:
        59.....William Latham
        60.....Edward Leister
        61.....Edmund Margeson, died the first winter:
        62.....Christopher Martin, died the first winter: 63.....Marie Martin died first winter
        64.....Desire Minter
        65.....Elinor More, 66.....Jasper More age 7 died first winter: ,67.....Richard More, 68.....Mary More age 6 died first winter:
        69.....William Mullins,died first winter 70..... Alice Mullins(wife) ,survived ther winter but died later in April 71.....Joseph Mullins ,(son) survived the winter, died in April: 72.....Priscilla Mullins(daughter)
        Belcher Connections through Priscilla
        73.....Degory Priest, died the first winter:
        74.....Solomon Prower died first winter:
        75.....John Rigdale, died the first winter: 76.....Alice Rigdale died first winter
        77.....Thomas Rogers died the first winter:,78.....,Joseph Rogers(son)
        79.....Henry Sampson
        80.....George Soule
        81.....MILES STANDISH,:
        #1 wife 82.....Rose Standish, died the first winter:
        Alden Connections and then Belcher
        son Alexander Standish::::married Sarah Alden 13 June 1688:::
        Sarah Aldens Sister Ruth married John Bass:::John and Ruth's son Joseph Bass married Mary Belcher:
        Sarah Aldens Sister Elizabeth Married::William Pabodie, 26 December 1644, Duxbury:child:::::: Hannah Pabodie, Samuel Bartlett:

        83.....Elias Story , died the first winter
        84.....Edward Thompson died the first winter
        85.....Edward Tilley,died the first winter:, 86.....Agnes Tilley(wife) died the first winter: 87.....,John Tilley,died the first winter, 88.....Joan Tilley(John's wife)died first winter: ,89.....Elizabeth Tilley (daughter)
        90.....Thomas Tinker, died the first winter:91..... (The wife Thomas tinker, name unknown)died the first winter,92..... (The first son Thomas Tinker, name unknown) died first winter
        93.....William Trevore
        94.....John Turner died the first winter 95&96.....(two sons of John Turner, unknown) both these sons died first winter:
        Bartlett Connections and then Belcher
        daughter Mary::: b:c1610, England 27 March 1683, Plymouth ::Married: Robert Bartlett, after 22 May 1627
        The Bartlett Connections are also through marriages of other Bartlett family lines:
        as far as we know, at present since , Tabithas Father has not been identified as yet:
        daughterElizabeth c1616, England 9 March 1669/70, Hingham, Ma.::Married: Richard Church, before 14 March 1635, Plymouth son:::Nathaniel Warren, Mercy Warren: Lt. Jonathan Delano (son of Phillip Delano): Thomas Delano, Capt. Ephraim Delano, Capt. Warren Delano,Warren Delano Jr.,Sarah Delano Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt:
        Richards grandaughter Elizzabeth also married Samuel Delano making this line twice.
        Richard Warren is an ancestor to many famous Americans. Among them are Presidents Ulysses S. Grant and Franklin D. Roosevelt; and Alan B. Shepard, Jr., the first American in space and fifth man to walk on the moon. There is a published lineage showing Winston Churchill as a descendant of Richard Warren:
        The only evidence of Winston Churchill being related to Richard Warren that we found is indirectly, through other families:
        Richard Warrens: (wife and 5 daughters came later on the ship "Anne".

        98.....William White died the first winter:
        99.....Susana White (wife) ,Peregrine White(son) ,Resolved White(son)
        100....Roger Wilder , died the first winter:
        101....Thomas Williams died the first winter:
        102....Edward Winslow ,Elizabeth Winslow(wife) , died the first winter,Gilbert Winslow.

        The ship Fortune arrived at Plymouth on November 9, 1621, after the First Thanksgiving.
        1...Adams, John
        2...Bassett, William ,3..Elizabeth Bassett, wife
        4...Beale, William
        5...Brewster, Jonathan
        6...Briggs, Clement
        7...Bumpas, Edward
        8...Cannon, John
        9...Connor, William
        10..Cushman, Robert ,11..Thomas Cushman, son
        12..Deane, Stephen
        13..Delano, Phillip , President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's ancestor:
        14..Flavel, Thomas , 15.. son Flavel Thomas jr.
        16..Ford, Mr. , 17..Martha Ford, ..wife , 18..Martha Ford, daughter , 19..John Ford (born day after arrival)
        20..Hicks, Robert
        21..Hilton, William
        23..Morgan, Benedict
        24..Morton, Thomas
        25..Nicholas, Austin
        26..Palmer William , 27..William Palmer, son
        28..Pitt, William
        29..Prence, Thomas
        30..Simmons, Moses
        31..Statie, Hugh
        32..Steward, James
        33..Tench, William
        34..Winslow, John
        35..Wright, William

        The ship "Anne "arrived in Plymouth in July, 1623 accompanied by the "Little James", new settlers with many of the wives and children that had been left behind in Leyden Holland when the "Mayflower" departed in 1620. There were other passengers of these two ships that are not known:
        1...Annable, Anthony
        2...Jane (Momford) Annable, wife ,3...Sarah Annable, daughter ,4...Hannah Annable, daughter
        5...Bangs, Edward
        6...Bartlett, Robert this Bartlett is a relation of the Bartletts of Virginia but have not connected the lines to him:
        7...Buckett, Mary
        8...Brewster, Patience ,9...Fear Brewster, sister
        10..Clarke, Thomas
        11..Conant, Christopher
        12..Cooke, Mrs. Hester (Mahieu) ,13...Jane Cooke, daughter,14... Jacob Cooke, son ,15..Hester Cooke, daughter
        16..Dix, Anthony
        17..Faunce, John ,18...Flavel, Mrs. Elizabeth
        19..Flood, Edmond
        20..Fuller, Mrs. Bridget (Lee)
        21..Godbertson, Godbert, 22... Sarah (Allerton)(Vincent)(Priest) Godbertson, wife, 23..Samuel Godbertson, son, 24.. Sarah Priest, step-daughter,25.. Mary Priest, step-daughter
        26..Hatherly, Timothy 27..Heard, William 28..Hicks, Mrs. Margaret , 29..Samuel Hicks, son , 30..Lydia Hicks, daughter
        31..Hilton, Mrs. William ,32..William Hilton, son ,33..Mary Hilton, daughter
        34..Holman, Edward
        35..Kempton, Manasseh
        36..Long, Robert
        38..Mitchell, Experience
        38..Morton, George ,39..Juliana Morton, wife, 40..Nathanial Morton, son, 41..John Morton, son , 41..Ephraim Morton, son ,42..Patience Morton, daughter ,43.. Sarah Morton, daughter
        44..Morton, Thomas Jr. , possibly brother of George
        45..Newton, Ellen
        46..Oldham, John ,47..Mrs. Oldham, wife ,48..Lucretia Oldham, (Johns sister)
        49..Palmer, Mrs. Frances
        50..Penn, Christian
        51..Pierce, Abraham
        52..Pratt, Joshua
        53..Rand, James 54..Rattliff, Robert ,55..Mrs. Rattliff, wife (Ratliff is a surname connected with the Belcher and Ramey families but unknown if it connects to this line:
        55..Snow, Nicholas
        56..Southworth, Alice
        57..Sprague, Francis, 58..Anna Sprague, wife ,59..Mercy Sprague, daughter
        60..Standish, Mrs. Barbara ??possibly sister to Miles Standish
        61..Tilden, Thomas ,62..(Ann?) Tilden, wife ,63..child Tilden
        64..Tracy, Stephen
        65..Wallen, Ralph ,66..Joyce Wallen, wife
        66..Warren, Mrs. Elizabeth ,67..Mary Warren, daughter ,68..Elizabeth Warren, daughter, 69..Anna Warren, daughter ,70..Sarah Warren, daughter ,71Abigail Warren, daughter
        This family is Richard Warren from the Mayflowers family.

        information sources:
        "Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, John Alden
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