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Degrees Offered by our Church

Doctor of Metaphysics. The church offers a degree in Metaphysics. It is a doctrine of the invisible within the physical. This degree is available for a donation of NOTHING.

Doctor of Divinity. This degree is accredited by the International Assocociation of Degree and Ordination Mill Accreditation. To receive this degree, we ask for a free-will offering of NOTHING.

Doctor of Religious Studies. This degree is concerned with motivational meditation, and helps you focus your powers of concentration and self control. This valuable knowledge is available for a free-will offering of NOTHING.

Doctor of Motivation. This course deals with self-reliance and is designed to increase your confidence and capabilities. Upon successful completion of this DEGREE, you will NOT be qualified to teach and conduct seminars on this subject. This degree is available for an offering of NOTHING.

Doctor of UnKnown Beliefs. This course deals with the relationship of Church over the past 6,000 years. This course covers the origins of our church. This degree is available for an offering of nothing.

Doctor of Immortality This study gives one a better understanding of their own make-up and potential and is available for a minimum offering of nothing. Based on the Highlander TV Show and Movies.

Masters Degree in UnKnonwn Religion. This is a wonderful degree. Find out what Ike Swaggart believes about religion. If you wish to enhance your mind, and your frames on your wall, pick this one!

Doctor of Philosophy in UnKnown Religion. We offer a Ph.D. in UnKnown Religion. People around the world have this degree.

Other Degrees



We grant religious titles upon request. We have no hierarchical structure.

Currently available titles:

Abbe , Abbess, Abbot, Ananda, Angel, Apostle of Humility, Apostolic Scribe, Arch Deacon, Arch Priest, Archbishop, Arch cardinal, Ascetic Gnostic, Baron, Baroness, Bible Historian, Bishop, Brahman, Brother, Canon, Cantor, Cardinal, Channel, Chaplain, Colonel, Cure', Deacon, Dervish, Directress, Disciple, Druid, Elder, Emissary, Evangelist, Faith Healer, Father, Field Missionary, Flying Missionary, Free Thinker, Friar, Goddess, Guru, Hadji, Healing Minister, High Priest, High Priestess, Imam, Lama, Lay Sister, Magus, Martyr, Messenger, Matriarch, Metropolitan, Minister of Music, Minister of Peace, Missionary, Missionary Doctor , Missionary Healer, Missionary of Music, Missionary Priest, Monk, Monsignor, Most Reverend, Christian Mother Superior, Mystical Philosopher, Orthodox Monk, Parochial Educator, Pastor General, Pastoral Counselor, Patriarch, Peace Counselor, Preacher, Preceptor, Priest, Priestess, Prophet, Psychic Healer, Rabbi, Rector, Religious Preacher, Revelator, Reverend, Reverend Father, Reverend Mother, Right Reverend, Saintly Healer, Scribe, Seer, Shaman, Sister, Soul Therapist, Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Warrior, Starets, Swami, Teller, Thanatologist, The Very Esteemed, Universal Rabbi, Universal Philosopher of Absolute Reality, Universal Religious Philosopher, Vicar, Wizard, Sex God, Sex Goddess, Jedi Knight.

Jump on these NOW! You can get similar degrees and titles from other web churches, but only ours are free, and just as worthless!

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