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Pontifex Maximus

(Head of the Church)
Ike Swaggart is our illustrious leader! Bow to him for the traditional greeting of his excellency!



Saddam Al Rashem
Saddam is the assistant to our leader. Since his days as a cab driver, he has learned many new ideas. His combination of Islam and Pentecoastal is still admired and a mystery to many.


Brother Lust

Cardinal Lust is our main evangelist. He travels the many towns and cities. All the ladies say he is a master at the "Laying on of HANDS!"

Minor Bishops

Brother Sid Spinx
Head of the Monastary and distillery.

Lacy Lust
Head of Street Corner Ministries

Stacy Sins
Head of What Ever

Jaimie Jam
Ike's Girlfreind and Co-Council

Stephanie Smut
Lover of the World

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