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Resurrect Bowie Fan-Sites!!

Hello, everyone. This is a David Bowie fan site that I made when I was TWELVE. The last time I updated it, I was FOURTEEN. I am now TWENTY-TWO. Crazy, right? Well, I still love David Bowie more than ever, even though he hasn't made a new album, toured, or done anything in years. I am sick of going to find all my favorite old Bowie fan-sites and seeing them run-down and uncared for. None of the links work, none of the pictures display, nobody cares. It kind of makes me want to cry when I see Bowie fans giving up on Bowie.

Well, I've decided that I'm not going to let the same thing happen to this Bowie fan site! I'm not a web-designer, I only know basic html, using Angelfire as a host site is kind of lame, and the address to this site is lame, too. But, David, I will Never Let You Down. I love you, and I'm still a fan more than ever. So starting now, I'll start re-vamping this site. Hopefully I can start making it something worth-while that you, the fellow Bowie fan, will enjoy! Remember, it's down to us now.

Updated 12/12/2008

In the mean-time, visit this link. I doubt it will do any good, but there's always a chance! :)

  • You can also e-mail me with any suggestions on what you'd like to see on this fan-site. I'd appreciate any help!

  • Here is a site I made a few years ago when Bowie was still touring - very entertaining, but out of date.

  • And here is my profile on It's kind of a MySpace, but for freaks! :D