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"Afghans for Angels" is an organization made up completely of volunteers who make and distribute baby blankets to local hospitals to give to parents who have suffered the loss of their infant through miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death.

The loss of a child is a totally devastating event in a parents life. I have found that no parent is ever prepared for such a tragedy. When my nephew died just days after his birth (he was born at 23 weeks and he and his twin sister had many problems - my niece is a survivor), my family realized that my sister and brother-in-law needed something to hold on to. We have learned that caring and supportive services are of great importance to the parents during this difficult time. That is why the DANIEL WESLEY DAVIS, JR Chapter of AFGHANS FOR ANGELS was founded.

Our Afghans for Angels are placed lovingly around these infant angels when they are held by their families for the brief time in which bittersweet hellos and sad good-byes are said. The parents are given these afghans to take home along with the few but precious memories of their little one. In their times of sorrow, just having something soft to hold is often comforting.

Through our sources, we have learned that these grieving parents are quite touched by the fact that people they have never met cared enough to make something so beautiful and special for them and their child. It is our belief that anything that can be done to help these families should be done.

"Afghans for Angels" is always looking for more volunteers to help create these blanket gifts. If you can knit, quilt, crochet or creatively decorate purchased blankets, we would LOVE to have your help! Any donations of yarn in baby colors, or soft quilting material to make our blankets would also be appreciated.

If you would like to start a group of willing volunteers in your local area, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you start taking care of hospitals and their families in your area. It is our fervent hope that someday EVERY hospital will have blankets and the information to give these parents and families the needed emotional support that they need at this time. Most of all, we need your help to get the word out! The more volunteers we have; the more hospitals (and families) can benefit from our services. Please help us to help others!

Each afghan donated will have 2 cards held on with a diaper pin. One card is for the family, while the other is geared toward the medical staff. We want to acknoledge that these parents DID have a baby. Though their child did not live long; we do not want to diminish the fact that they were, and will continue to be, the parents of this "Forever Baby".

Thank you so much for your interests in "Afghans for Angels". Since we are completely dependent on the time and talents of our volunteers, you are very important to us!

Here are a few suggestions for your afghans:

Blankets need be no larger than 2 foot square but larger and smaller sizes are also welcome.

Baby colors and patterns are suggested.

Any extra special touches are welcome, as that is what will make each "Angel Afghan" unique and special.

If you are unable to deliver your afghans to a local drop-off spot, just a quick phone call to the number below, will alert another volunteer to stop by and pick up your special creation.

Leann M. Severns - 37901 W. 28th Pl. S; Mannford, OK 74044 or or (918)865-3192.

THANK YOU for helping us make just a tiny difference at a very sad time for these families. Just the knowledge that someone cared enough to create a special blanket for their precious child is certain to provide a measure of comfort to these parents. May God Bless you for your caring and sharing.

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