Hello! Welcome to my list! This list used to be Jan's BSB Story Home Page but now, it's called Home for Stories. Hope you guys will like my new site name!
This site is mainly for Fan fiction and visual...Some of the story are rated R-XXX...and very easily be offenced. If you can't take it plz leave now! If not, you may seat back and enjoy! :) I've a few of the story rated PG, too!

Thank for coming and plz sign my G-book, it's very important to me. Oh yeah, Bookmark this page if you want! Anyway, thx for coming and mail to me if you got any problem!

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Warning: I'm not the Backstreet Boys nor related to them. I don't know them at all, this is just a fan base website.
All the stories and visual are copyrighted don't take them without asking it.... All stories and visual are all un-real...it a fiction not true, so, don't think that it really happen before!