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Sue's Life

Sue was born on July 10,1946, in Davenport,Iowa, the last of 5 children to Sue Karr Lyon.

Mrs.Lyon was 56 when her husband died.Sue was 10 months old.Her mother had to work as a hospital housemother to take care of her children and money was tight.


Around this time, the Lyon family moved out to Los Angeles, hoping that Sue could help them out financially as a model.She got jobs modeling for JC Penny, and doing commericals, which featured her dyed blonde hair.

She also got small parts on the "Dennis the Menace" and "The Loretta Young" shows.


Director Stanley Kubrick saw Sue on the "Loretta Young" show and suggested to his partner that they should see her for the role of "Lolita", the controversial story of a middle-aged man's obsession with a young girl, originally a novel written by Vladimir Nabokov.She is named "Miss Smile" by Los Angeles County dentists this year.

Sue was friends with Michelle Philips at that time(later of the Mamas and the Papas) and the 2 of them rented a copy of the novel at the library, knowing it had been banned. Sue later stated that she couldn't finish the book, it was too complex for her(at 12)

Sue had been signed by the Glenn Shaw agency, and Pat Holms, an agent, brought her down to Kubrick for an audition.Nabokov approved of her and he even turned down Tuesday Weld, the girl who would go on to say "I didn't have to play Lolita, I WAS Lolita".

After interviewing over 800 girls, they picked Sue and signed her to a 7 year contract.

Mrs. Lyon was concerned about having her daughter play such a character that she asked her pastor whether Sue should take the part.He encouraged her to let her!

1962:In June, she is signed to a 7 year contract at 78,000 per year. Sue gave an interview on her character, saying:"I feel sorry for her. She's neurotic and pathetic and only interested in herself." Sue wanted to attend the Hollywood premiere of "Lolita" on June 13, 1962, but wasn't allowed in, due to the strict censorship at the time.No one under 16 was allowed in!

"Lolita" turned 3,700,000 profit to MGM. At the end of the shoot, Shelley Winters gave Sue 2 pink persian kittens, which were originally Elizabeth Taylor's.


Sue attended the Oscars and won a Golden Globe for the Most Promising Female Newcomer.

Her physical endowments at that time were 34-22-35 at 5'3 and 108 lbs.

October 28, 1963:

Production on "the Night of the Iguana" begins, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Sue behaved childishly throughout filming and attracted many of the male vallartans.They had to keep their distance, as Sue was accompanied by her mother and new boyfriend, Hampton Fancher III. He would often interfere with the production and was later banned from the set.

There was fighting and bickering all around for the main stars in the film: Richard Burton, Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr and Sue.John Huston, the director, gave them each a gold plated gun, loaded with bullets baring the other co-stars names!

December 22, 1963:

Sue Lyon and Hampton Fancher marry. He already had a 6 year old son.They end up separating by September.

June 30, 1964:

"The Night Of the Iguana" opens at a special preview at the New Lincoln Center in New York.

October 16, 1964:

Her brother Michael, 20 years old, is found in a station wagon near Tijuana, Mexico, along with another man. Police feel it was an overdose.Sue was traveling with her sister Maria at the time in Europe.

December 8, 1964:

Sue divorces Hampton, citing mental cruelty.


Sue and her mother were in a bad car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway. Sue suffered head, neck and back injuries, leaving her in and out of a wheelchair for 2 years.


"7 Women" is released.Sue's character of a missionary is the exact opposite of her "Lolita" image.


Sue's films "The Flim-Flam Man" and "Tony Rome" are released this year.She and her mother file a 500,000 damage suit for injuries suffered in a 1965 traffic accident against 67 year old Roderick Tichenor. She is awarded 225,000 and her mother is awarded 42,000. Also, after turning 21, she collects 14,275 in U.S. Savings Bonds that were held with the producers of Lolita since she was a minor. She also starts a 22 day USO Tour of South Vietnam and Thailand this year.


"Arsenic and Old Lace"(tv version), "Four Rode Out", and "Don't Push, I'll Charge When I'm Ready" are released made this year."Don't Push" won't be released until 1977, tv only.


"But I Don't Want To Get Married!"(tv film) is released.Sue also did an appearance on the show "The Virginian" in the episode "Experiment At New Life".


Sue marries Roland Harrison, a black photographer and football coach.The controversy over their marriage made them decide to move to Spain.Harrison had 5 children from another marriage.

"Evel Knievel" is released. Sue also plays a part in the show "Night Gallery" in the episode entitled "Miss Lovecraft Sent Me"She also adopts a 14 year old boy named Robert Lyon Harrison.


Sue divorces Harrison, due to pressure over racism, and other problems. Their daughter Nona was born on May 20, 1972.


"Tarots" and "Murder In a Blue World" are released.

Sue divorces Harrison, due to pressure over racism, and other problems. They had a daughter, Nona.

Sue meets Gary "Cotton" Adamson at the Colorado State Penitentiary, where he was currently serving time for murder and robbery(20-40 years).She worked as a cocktail waitress and lived in a hotel in Denver nearby.

November 4: Sue marries Cotton. She began working for prison reform and conjugal rights.


Sue divorced Cotton after he broke out and committed yet another robbery.


"Smash-up on Interstate 5" and "The Invisible Strangler" were made this year.


"Towing", "Crash!", and "The End Of the World" were released this year.


Sue attended L.A. City College, while working in a men's clothing store and doing "Alligator", released this year.

Sue was diagnosed as a manic-depressive and was prescribed lithium. She later said she had struggled on and off with this since she was 16.


Sue married Edward E.Weathers

1984: 1985:

Sue marries a radion engineer, Richard Rudman.They divorced in 2002 and today she lives in Los Angeles.Sue does no acting and avoids interviews and photographs.