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Fur Prices For Fall 2004 through Summer 2005

J & J Furs
Red Fox----$45
Grey Fox----$35
Odd-colored Raccoon---- Starting at $75 
        ( Only When Available)
Mink----$25---whole frozen only
Muskrat----$15—whole frozen only
Striped Skunk----$35---Whole Frozen Sales Only
Squirrels (all kinds)--$12--whole frozen only---postpaid to most places priority
Woodchucks (groundhogs)----$20---limited quantity

Bobcat and Otter,  email for prices as do not know how many I will be able to get,  possibly 40 ‘cats this year and can get otter. 

Please Note

 Bobcat, and Otter are on a first come first served list.  No Deposit will be accepted to secure animals.  They will become available around the first of December.  Get your order in on these animals as they will fill up fast,  there is no guarantee of these animals,  like said before,  first come first served.

Method of Payment & Shipping

I accept money orders or  cashiers checks only  Orders are shipped quickly and packaged well,  with house insulation being used to keep fur frozen.  I cannot ship out of United States as of now.  Thanks.

I am happy to be able to be running J & J Furs again this year with my father,  John Jones.   We sell animals whole frozen or skinned cased with feet and head attached.  We do not dorsal skin animals at this time.

Refund Policy

I do strive to keep a healthy reputation as a taxidermy wholesale raw fur dealer.  If you have a problem with an item of fur, contact me before you do any work with it,  after you have worked the fur,  I cannot refund or replace the item.  If it is in a resaleable condition,  it needs to be returned.  Thanks.

At this time I want to personally thank my past customers and for those of you that are new or potential customers,  welcome to J & J Furs and let me know of how I may be of service to you.   Animals bought in quantities of five or more will result in a deal in price (exception is kit fox and ringtail cats).  Thanks again and look forward to doing business with you.


Joshua and John Jones
J & J Furs

Note: PETA on the shirt I am wearing in the above photo stands for People Eating Tasty Animals


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