Written by family and friends
for Shane


I use to feel like a dove flying
beautifully through the sky,
High in the sky not a care in the world,
Then the clouds became dark and dreary,
When they took Shane away from me,
Now I am a vulture flying blindly through the rain,
Not knowing where to go or what to do,
So wait for me when my bird falls,
When my life is done,
When God wants me to come home,
I will be as free as a real bird,
Just like you Shane.

Jennie Walker
~In Memory of My Brother Shane~

Angels in Heaven

I have angels watching over me,

Flowing on the light breeze,

They are my grandparents and my brother too,

They watch me from skies so blue,

I know that I will meet them again someday,

They are there to guide my way,

I can’t see them, but I know they’re there,

They follow me everywhere,

They surround me with love,

From their Heavenly home above,

Everytime I see a rainbow,

They are at the other end I know,

Until we meet again,

Stay close my Heavenly friends.

Jennie Walker
in memory of
Grannie & Pop-Pop

My Rainbow

I saw a rainbow today Shane and I thought of you,
It stretched across the sky,
It had lots of beautiful colors too,
It made me miss you and start to cry,
I wanted to go to it's end to see,
For there is something special there I've been told,
Because you were so special to me,
You Shane are the pot of gold,
You are now my angel brother,
And I miss you so much,
You were always there for me like no other,
When the wind blows I hear your voice, I feel your touch,
I see your bright smile in sunny skies,
Your laugh is heard when the birds sing,
The stars are the sparkle in your eyes,
You are here Shane in everything,
I carry you with me every where I go,
So keep watching over me from above,
We will be together again I know,
Til then, I will remember you with smiles, laughter and love,
Shane, you are the gold in the rainbow.

Judi Walker
in memory of Shane
for Jennie & Laurie


An innocent face, a victims child
Once a father, now a memory mild
He left his mark here in our hearts
Now some scarred for life, others have just fallen apart
How to live on when a loved one is gone
A father, a brother, a husband, a SON
The fear, and terror in a mother's eyes
To see her only son taken from life
Now she lives on with unbearable pain
And not even the sunshine can stop this pain
In her heart he's alive, but in life she knows he's dead
She sees his shadow on the living room wall
And in the morning when she goes for coffee, she hears his call
When she sees her son, she sees a boy of two and no more
She holds his children in her arms, and remembers his touch from times
of yore
This pain is not only from experience, but it is from the heart
This is just what I have seen as I watch my Mother fall apart.

Christy Walker Boelter
(In memory of Shane)

Good-bye is never easy,
It's always hard to say,
For now, we say farewell,
But we will meet again someday.

A true friend you were,
For there was always love,
Tomorrow brings smiles,
On the wings of a dove.

You'll always be here,
Always in our hearts,
Memories to keep alive,
Though we had to part.

When this sad feeling lightens,
And memory we'll always contain,
We'll think about you always,
Our dear boy Shane.

Glynnis Carpenter
in memory of Shane
(Read at Shane's service)

In the Twinkling of an Eye

No one feels the pain of a mother
whose felt the loss of a child.
Words can never express the agony
her heart has suffered and compiled.

And when violence is the reason
that her child had to die...
The world she knew crashes round' her,
all in the twinkling of an eye.

It matters not what others may say...
Her heart can't release the pain.
She goes through the motions of living
while her tears just flow like rain.

Friends that once stood with her,
seemed to instantly disappear.
Her broken heart feels the loneliness
as she wonders why they aren't here.

An ache is rekindled in her heart
with every day that passes by.
She thinks of life before he left her,
all in the twinkling of an eye.

The ones who took the life of her son
will someday stand and answer why...
They chose to take her child from her,
all in the twinkling of an eye~!

Written by Kaye Des'Ormeaux
October 10, 1998
Dedicated to Judi who violently lost her son, Shane.

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"A True Friend"

From silent, unknown, and to himself
Came a funny, caring friend
He was honest and could be trusted
He was something that's rare, "A True Friend."

I couldn't be down
When Shane was around
He would always help when someone was down
And talk to anyone that needed a friend.

If one needed a ride to lunch
work or school
He would always help
Whenever he could.

Shane could always make me laugh
Sometimes with out saying a single word
He went along with his nick name Turkey Neck
He would laugh too, joke back making the day fun and good.

Shane worked hard in school, and he enjoyed school
He knew when to work, he knew when to play
Even when school was hard work
School was fun everyday.

He was happy, exicited and proud
When his twins came to be
He even brought pictures
for everyone to see.

He was happily married
And love his twins
He cared for everyone, but loved his family
This I could see.

It's hard to have a good friend go
But I'll never forget Shane this I know
Because he was a fun caring friend you see
And he meant a lot to everybody and me.

Written for Shane by
Stephen Mark Lato
Copyrite 10/29/97