After losing someone, your memories become even more precious to you. Some days, holding these memories close and reliving them is the only thing that can get you through.

We have so many wonderful memories of Shane and we are so thankful for each and every one of them.

We would like to share some of them with you.

I remember Shane always played with me and picked on me. He would say Laurie Micheel sure does smell. And when I would hit him, he would say "Mess with the best, get hurt like the rest." When I was sick he wouldn't pick on me to bad. He use to throw me in the pool and on the waterbed. I miss my brother so much.

(age 8)

Shane was the best big brother. He was always picking on me, but we never had a fight. I am glad of that. The night Shane died, we ate dinner together, I played my flute for him for the first time. Then he tried to play it, he looked so funny trying to play it from the wrong end!!! I am so glad we had that night together.

(age 13)

I have so many memories of Shane, but this one seems to stand out lately.

When Shane was about 6, he came home from bible school with a gift for me. It was a little red clay cup looking thing, it had 4 lumpy little clay balls in it. He was so proud when he presented it to me. I thanked him and acted as if he had just presented me with the world's biggest diamond. Then came the you know what it is he asked. Oh no. Well I made several guesses (all wrong), he looked at me so sad and finally told me. It was a bird nest with eggs (never would have guessed that). Well, I still have this bird nest (only one egg now). A few months before he died, he picked it up off the shelf . He looked at it and kind of frowned and asked me, "what is this?" (ah the question again :)...) but now it's my turn! Guess I told him. He tried, but didn't even come close! When I told him what it was, he said, "this is a bird nest?" Yep that is what you told me when you gave it to me almost 13 years ago. We had a good laugh and he thanked me for keeping the funny looking thing all these years. Now this little bird nest with it's one little egg is even more precious to me than it was before!


Shane's memory and the times that just me and Shane shared will be apart of my life forever. There was one time that me and Shane skipped school and went and seen a movie together, this movie was The Indian In The Cupboard, it was a kid's movie. Until this day I have know idea why we went and seen a kids movie but we did, we laughed about that for a long time.

Chris (8-Ball)

Although I did not know Shane all that well, I feel like I was a small part of his life. I was there for his wedding and for the birth of his daughters Krista and Kristen. They were the joy of his life. I have never seen such a young man with more love to give his children. When you would see them together, you could see the love in his eyes.

I remember the night he died. I was sitting here at home. It was shortly after nine o'clock. I heard three gunshots that sounded like they had come from across the street, so I looked out the window. I didn't see or hear anything else. About 20 minutes later his mom called me and told me Shane had been killed. I didn't believe her at first. I asked her where? She told me at the ballpark. Oh My God! How do you tell your best friend you heard the shots that killed her only son. I could not get there fast enough. I couldn't fix this for her. As much as I wanted too. I have never seen a family go through so much grief. My family!

Shane you would be so proud of your daughters. They are beautiful and look just like you. I cry every time I see one of them look at your picture. They are such good girls. They will definately grow up to know you.

Shawn and Thomas had a hard time dealing with your death. They thought the world of you. Wanted to be just like Shane. I hope they turn out to be half the man you were.

Thank you for letting me share my memories. It's not all happy. But what in life is?

We love and miss you,
Aunt Carol

Shane was a wonderful person and anyone would would have been honored to have him for a friend. Shane and I went to school together and we were good friends. Shane and I rode the bus together and although he was a little aggravating, you still couldn't help but love him. When I used to get on the bus in the mornings, Shane would already be on the bus and he used to hide behind a seat in the bus and when I would pass by, he would put his foot out and would trip me. He always aggravated me in that way.

Now Shane is in Heaven with my little boy and I can only hope he is not teaching him to do the same little aggravating little things as he used to do, but if he is, I hope he knows when I finally get to see him again, I'm gonna have a big surprise for him!

Your friend,

P.S. Shane
Please watch over my sweet little baby boy until we meet in Heaven.

Your memory will always be alive with us Shane...there are so many good favorite time I had to share with you when you would come in my shop to watch as I airbrushed...the Freddie shirt you liked so much is on my homepage...there was no doubt you loved that one. You spent enough hours patiently and impatiently waiting to see it finally finished. The day I handed you the "Cottonmouth" shirt; the look on your face was priceless. You, I think were one of my biggest supporters...but, you are just that way aren't you...always there for everyone.

Shane; Doug, Charlie and Benji talk a lot about when you guys used to go on your campouts...playing possum...that was something I couldn't believe I let you guys talk me into. Have to say I loved it though. They were talking about the trucks the other day and the subject came up about your truck...the night we were looking for Benji and kept seeing your truck and thinking it was his...they all were laughing about it. I don't think there is one thing that you were a part of the boys have ever forgotten. Or ever will. They really miss their friend. They feel you were stolen from them.


One day at Louisiana Tech College where we all went. Rusty and Kile were picking on Shane hard (everybody gets picked on hard) that is how our class was. One day, Shane must have been having a bad day or something, because for some reason, he got mad (real mad) at Kile. What was funny about it was everytime Rusty would pick on Shane, Shane would get madder at Kile. He got so mad he wanted to fight him. When Shane would be around Kile, Rusty would go over there and pick on him, Kile would give him the sign to cut it out, then he would yell for him to stop. I am not sure but the class and I think that Kile was afraid Shane was going to follow him to his truck to fight him, but he didn't. They were friends again after that but it was fun as he** to watch!

I am not sure who started it, most likely Adam, Shane was not at school long when he got the nick name Turkey Neck. Kiles was Tooth or Candy Corn because of his teeth, Stephen (me) was called by my last name Lato, or Slowtoe (most of us had or still have a nick name) Shane was called Turkey Neck because whenever he would laugh, you could see his neck jiggle because it hung a little. His nick name was the most fun around Thanksgiving, we asked him if he was scared at that time of the year of being used as a Thanksgiving turkey. We use to also put our hands by his neck and shake it like he did naturally.

Stephen Mark Lato

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