Shane died on Oct. 27, 1997 at 9:05 PM. He was murdered. He was not the intended victim. He had rode to the ball park with a friend. While they were sitting in the car talking to a boy standing outside of the car, a second boy (Adam Carrier) ran up to the passenger side. He stuck a shotgun into the window, Shane's friend tried to take off, this pushed the gun into Shane's face and the Adam pulled the trigger. Shane died instantly, he never saw the gun.

Adam shot two more times at the car hitting it trying to kill the driver as he drove away. A third boy was involved , he remained in the car. We later found out that the boys intended to rob Shane's friend. They had no idea Shane would be in the car.

Adam says shooting Shane was an accident. He walked up to the car with a loaded shot gun and his finger on the trigger, after shooting Shane, he then shot two more times as the car was speeding away, this is an accident???

All three boys were arrested within two hours.

Shane died at the ball park where he played ball since he was 5.