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Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!! This page was last updated 12/31/99 Argentina Argentina is located in the most southern part of South America. The Counrty captial is Buenos Aries. Argentina has a varity of culture. It can be comapred to a melting pot of culture. Argentina is most famous the Tango. Tango is a type of dance that is very hard to do. Tango died out for a short time but it's populartiy has come back and has spreed out to as far as England. Many famous Tango dancers and singers have come from Agrentina. Pre-History Argentina was first occupied my nomadic tribes that followed animals they hunted. These nomadic people exsisted about 12000 years ago. The animals they hunted became extinct several thousand year later. Colonial Years In the 1500s hundreds the Spanish first set foot on Argentina. Attempts to colonize the area were were set back by the Inca natives. Mordern Years 1900s Argentina was effect by the wall street depression as well as it's neighboring countries such as chile who was devestated by it. Argentina international trade was effect by both the depression and WWI and WWII. The Argentine imports were effected becasyse most of its wheat and grain came from britian, which was cut short due to britain's involvemeant on both WWI and WWII supplies were cut short. Culture clash..- declines in export markets for farm produce caused many famr onwrs to lay off labors. Many of them became migrants and moved down to Buenos Aires. Many of them went to Buenos Aires after hearing reports of many job offers in industry. Wages were low. By 1947, 1.4 millions people were in Buenos Aires. Between 1935 and 1946 half a million workers were added to Argentina industrial labor work force whiched doubled in less that a decade. The culture clash (many spoke spanish with italian ryhemes and slangs and eating pasta with beef and singing milongas and tangos. Worked Sited "Americeas the changing face of latin america and the caribbean" By Peter Winn Copy right 1992 updated version 1999 Published by University og California Press Ltd London, England Pgs 125,131,136

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