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Christin Cosby Memorial

April 13, 1978-April 5, 1998

N. Wayne Cosby
Ruth(Lulie) Long Cosby

Christopher Todd Cosby

David and Ruth Long
Dick and Lillian Cosby

Born an angel of God,
Just in the morning of her day,
In youth and love, she died.
Her smile and goodness now lights Heaven,
As it did the earth.
We shall remember her all the days of our lives,
Her image engraved on our hearts.

Christin brought more love and beauty to this world
than could ever be described. This world was a much
better place for her having been here. It is so
difficult to think of all we have lost..

the love, the inner beauty, the fun times, the special
memories at holidays, the energy she exuded, all
of the generations of children and their children
that she would have borne that will never be...

Please click on the above picture to visit a
very special memorial for Christin and her
friends in Heaven.

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Song: "Dreaming" by Selena

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