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Welcome to
Kelly's Awards Page

Thank you for all the beautiful awards that have been presented to Kelly's web site. It is truly an honor to have received them. Please click on the award to visit these wonderful web sites

Thank you to Love Petals for this beautiful award.

Thank you to John at Positive Steps for the lovely award.

Thank you Leung and Ching for this beautiful Loving Angel Award

A Special "Thank You" to Cindy & Jana for Jason's Memorial Award

"Please visit the Shelley Beasley Memorial Websites"

Thank you to Dawn for this beautiful memorial of her son Cody

Thank you to Freebird Web TV Site for this beautiful award

Thank you to Jennifer for these beautiful awards.

Thank you to Angela for these beautiful awards

Thanks to Marc and Ann McCarty for this beautiful award.

Thank you to Mike & Sonya Pace for this beautiful award
in memory of their son, Jonathan

"To Kelly Blades Memorial"

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