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Westie Links
This page contains links to websites to give you insights to the Wonderful Westie. You may find information to help with training, feeding, housebreaking, and general health of your pet. If you know of any additional sites you would like to see listed here, please email. Thanks!
Westie World

Articles, Photos, Contests, Chats -- A place for Westie lovers everywhere!

Westie Wisdom

Westie World now has a column to answer YOUR questions about Westies. Be sure to check it out!

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National Animal Poison Control Center

A Division of the ASPCA
WestieMed ~ RX for rescued Westies

ARF For Westies

An internet forum for Westie owners to exchange information about "how to practice" and "benefit from" a species-specific appropriate raw food diet (ARF).
Westie Grooming

From Rags to Riches or Sow Ears to Silk Purses

puppypaws line

Laura Ardoin
Northwest LA
(318) 631-6204 Evening
(318) 861-0971 Day
Email Laura, Maddie & Tucker!