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Dear Friends,

My name is Brodie, some of you may know me, I was on the www after all, thanks to Luann Johnson and Carl Nyland. They made me famous on Petfinders!

I am a 13 year old Westie that was rescued from the pound after my family decided they did not want me anymore. Boy was that place scary, especially cause I don't see or hear very well. A very special lady named Ann Grubb arranged for me to be saved from that awful place. Miss Ann, I can't thank you enough!

I went to live with a nice lady, Jaira Baco, she took good care of me but she had cats and boy I don't like cats! It made her sad but she knew I had to leave.

So another sweet lady picked me up and we went on a long trip all the way from Florida to Louisiana. Miss Vi Hymel loved on me all the way and even let me spend the night at her house in a place called New Orleans. Thank you Miss Vi for the ride and those yummy treats!

That's when my foster mom Laura Ardoin came to get me. I traveled a long way again and wound up in Shreveport, Louisiana! Whew, I was glad to stay put for a while. I liked it there but those two other little Westie's, Maddie and Tucker, got on my nerves at first. Don't worry, I set them straight real quick. Now Bruiser, the Rottie, is like me, a laid back kind of guy, I really liked him and I learned to like Maddie and Tucker too. We spent lots of time together lounging in the sun.

I didn't like going to the vet too much though, I had to spend the night and I was scared again. But momma Laura came back for me so I felt safe again. I feel good now and I sure thank Miss Ann for taking care of things for me! I can't believe you have to pay to have things like that done to you, can you? Humph!

One day momma Laura told me that a lady named Mitzi Jones might have found a new forever family for me! She and Mitzi wrote back and forth a whole bunch and finally decided they thought the Pacheco's would be just right for me. Thank you Miss Mitzi for finding my new family!

Then another lady (wow am I a lucky guy or what?) went to visit the Pacheco's. Valeria Palmer said that she thought they would be good parents for me! It was so nice of her to go check things out for me, thank you Miss Valeria. Miss Ann gave her approval too so it was all set.

Guess what? Now I am in Atlanta with my forever family, Teresa, Regulo and my human brother Tony! I am still checking out the place, it's pretty cool. They bought lots of stuff for me, like a new bed, collar, toys, and more! I think I am going to be very happy here. Thank you for loving me.

My momma Laura says lots and lots of people helped me get here in one way or another.

THANK YOU everyone!!!!!!!

Love and Westie kisses,


P.S. Aren't we a handsome family? I have a new mom now, her name is Teresa. She loves me and takes very good care of me. How did I ever get so lucky?

Brodie's new family! Look! It's me!