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Link to LWR!
Feel free to use the small banner below
to link back to Louisiana Westie Rescue
LWR mini banner

Please Email and let us know you linked,
so we can check out YOUR website too!

To save the banner, RIGHT click on it and choose 'Save Picture As' then save to your harddrive.
The name of the banner will stay    lwrminibanner.gif    unless you change it.
If you change it, you will want to change that name in the code below also.

Here is the code if you want to copy and paste:

<!--Link to LWR! HTML Fragment Starts HERE---> <A HREF=""> <IMG SRC="YOUR INFO HERE /lwrminibanner.gif" width="254" height="109" border="0" alt="Louisiana Westie Rescue"></a> <!--Link to LWR! HTML Fragment Ends HERE--->

After saving the banner and putting the code in your page make the following changes:

Replace YOUR INFO HERE with the name of the drive or directory
where you saved the banner; ie. images, mypics, etc.

Replace lwrminibanner.gif with the name you called the banner if you changed it.

The banner is a transparent gif. It should look fine on any background. If not, please either use a text link or email me with your webpage url and I'll make a banner for your site.

Email Webmaster