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Speed Rating Charts

     "The value of speed figures goes far beyond their picking a certain percentage of winners or generating a certain return on investment:  They offer a frame work for understanding the whole sport".

Andrew Beyer

     I have made a copy of Speed Rating Charts that were origionally designed by Andrew Beyer in his book "Beyer On Speed".  These charts will give an exact number based on final times to correspond to how fast your horse was running in the given race.
     This will clarify the understanding of the actual speed of your horse as opposed to the Speed Figure of the SIM which includes effort, among other variables.  For those confusing races when your horse will negotiate 6.5 furlong race in 1:17 4/5 that may earn him a 90 SIM Speed Figure, then the very next race your horse negotiates the same distance and surface at the same track in 1:17 2/5 and recieves an 89 Sim Speed Figure.  With this Speed Rating chart ( Don't confuse Speed Ratings with Speed Figures, they are different in their make-up) 1:17 4/5 will always equal an 87 Speed Rating and 1:17 2/5 will always equal a 92 Speed Rating.
     By keeping track of your horses Speed Ratings and Speed Figures, you will have a greater understanding of your horses capabilities and why he performed the way he did in a race.
     For those of you who have read my SIM Files, you probably already have a Rap Sheet on all your horses.  Add this information to that sheet, keep a race by race account of these numbers.  You will soon discover that each of your horses has it's own Form Cycle that it adhears to.  Soon we will talk about how to identify, understand and use these number patterns.


     Using The Charts

     Find the final time of any given race, find the distance at which the race was run, correspond that time with the Speed Rating number, that number is the rating of which the winning horse is given.  A 6.0 furlong race with the final time of 1:10 2/5 = 100 .  If your horse finished 5 lenghts behind the winner;  Go to the Beaten Lenghts chart, look in the Margin coloumn, find 5.00 lengths in that coloumn.  Follow the row over to 6.0 furlong coloumn and you see 12 .  Subtract 12 from the winning time Speed Rating number of 100 and you have 88, this is the number that your horse earned in that race.  You will probably find that the Speed Rating number is close to the same number provided by the SIM, but the Speed Rating number is based on a raw speed time without other factors that make up the Speed Figure.

1 Turn Speed Rating Chart
2 Turn Speed Ratings
Beaten Lenght Adjustment Chart


Opening quote and charts are from "Picking Winners" , By Andrew Beyer