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Welcome to Poems and Inspirations!

I have created some sites for prayers to help give encouragement, support, and comfort. Feel free to share them with your friends and family.

Scriptural Prayers

Blessing The Household Prayers of Jesus Prayers of Paul
Prayer of Thanksgiving Making New Friends Finding A Mate
Blessing for Children Becoming Wise Experiencing Grief
The Nation and People of Israel Individual Growth Perseverance in Prayer
Receiving Forgiveness Watch For New Prayer Watch For New Prayer

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Beatitudes How to Grow Happiness Midst The Roses The Power of God
Heart Gifts Be Thankful "Thank-You" My Prayer
Little Sparrow Watch For New Poem Watch For New Poem Watch For New Poem

Children's Prayers

A Child's Prayer The Creation Day by Day Coming Soon

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Prayer Request For Adults

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Prayer Request For Children

Family-Friendly Site