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Any Other Name

Different dreamers live different Dreams.
Will they ever be the same again?
SRA - M/S UST; Scully/Other?; Character death
Completed 2/18/2001

Midnight Mark-up

Drunken fools, black ink, and territoriality...
SRAH - M/S UST; MSR; Angst; Humor
Completed 1/15/2000

Deliver Me

Mulder finds a tiny little light in the dark,
dark place between 'Elegy' and 'Demons.'
SA - M/S UST; Mulder Angst
Completed 9/28/99


Scully and Mulder share a bed and a prophecy.
Completed 5/7/99


Scully does some body swapping of her own.
Can she and Mulder get back to each other?
Do they want to?
SRA - MSR - NC-17
Completed 2/19/99

Disclaimer: All characters seen on The X-Files have
been borrowed for these stories. They really belong to
Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox Television.
The stories themselves, however, belong to me.

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