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Here you can find real audio files from Tori's concert in Vienna 6-15-98
They are in the order of the setlist with 2 songs for the 1st encore and 1 song
for the 2nd encore.

Tori who?
Here you find some interviews to get a glimps.

You will need a real audio player

streaming for 28kbps modems
streaming for 56kbps modems
 Black Dove   Black Dove   Black Dove 
 iieee   iieee   iieee 
 Precious Things   Precious Things   Precious Things 
 Crucify   Crucify   Crucify 
 Spark   Spark   Spark 
 Cornflake Girl   Cornflake Girl   Cornflake Girl 
 Pretty Good Year   Pretty Good Year   Pretty Good Year 
 Upside Down   Upside Down   Upside Down 
 China   China   China 
 Northern Lad   Northern Lad   Northern Lad 
 Cruel   Cruel   Cruel 
 Liquid Diamonds   Liquid Diamonds   Liquid Diamonds
 The Waitress   The Waitress  The Waitress 
 Space Dog   Space Dog  Space Dog 
 Raspberry Swirl   Raspberry Swirl  Raspberry Swirl 
 Tear in Your Hand   Tear in Your Hand  Tear in Your Hand