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Well I'm at it again. I'm changing everything. I think its about time. There has been so many changes in the past few months, I guess it's high time for my page to reflect it.

I'm gonna try to do some different things here. I'm gonna really get busy on my movie quote page. I plan on putting up some really good ones. And I'm asking everyone that stops by to submit there favorite quote. This should turn out pretty good.

I'm also gonna be making an award to give away to some really cool sites. The qualifactions aren't gonna be a big deal. I'll give it away to almost anyone. I just have to like your site. I'll go more into detail on that later. So keep a look out for that.

One thing thats not gonna change too much is my babblings page. I'm going to keep those up. I love doing them and the feed back that I have gotten from everyone has been nothing but positive. So dont worry I'm gonna keep them up. (like there was ever any worry that I would shut up)

I'm going to make a smile page too.It's gonna be a happy place. I'm going to put up jokes and funny sayings and lots of cutsy stuff. Its going to be you're all around happy place to visit. One of those places that jsut makes you feel better when you are feeling a little blah. It will probably take a while to load but it will be well worth it.

So be on the look out, there are many new things to come. And if anyone has any suggestions or comments please feel free to e-mail me and let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

Well as you know my name is Vivan Lee. I'm 26 years old and I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana.I was born in Chicago, but when i was 2 my family moved here.

You have probably heard my nick name as goodwife.Well I have scince changed it a million times.(I told you I liked change)I've also been known as BamBams Girl(long story)and Drooly(thanks Randy) And now I'm called Angelextreme.I think I like the last one the best.It kinda describes me in one word.But who knows next week I might be something eles.So if you want to look me up on ICQ better just stick with my number 49802161 I know that will never change.

Well I hope you enjoy your visit here. And if you would like to add your link here or have any random babblings that you feel are important, just e-mail me at And please take the time to sign my guest book so i know who you are!! =O)

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Monday July 31,2000
I babbled. Hey its only been 7 months. At least Im giving it an effort.

Thursday January 20, 2000
I babbled.

Monday, January 10,2000
I wrote another babbling. And I added some new movie quotes to the movie quote page. all I have left to update is my Smiley page.(watch out Ben Im catching up with ya! ;-) )

Thursday, January 6,2000
I wrote a babbling....added a poem, and updated some useless info. Im gonna update the movie quote page and the Smiley page whenever I start feeling a little better.

Wensday, January 5,2000
This is becomming habit forming. I wrote a babbling.

Tuesday, January 4,2000
Watch for falling rocks....I updated again. I worte some babblings.

Thursady ,December 30,1999
Holy shit!!! Look who updated there page!!! Just babbled a bit. It kinda felt good.


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