Lafayette, La.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  1-800-273-8255  24 hrs a day 
Please Call for Help, Don't Wait!

Our Mission is to provide those in mourning a supportive group
in which to share their grief and gain understanding.


Why do we need a support group?

    Most grief is dealt with best in a support group with other grievers and guided by facilitators who themselves have grieved, who know the process of recovery, and who are good listeners.

Won't I have to be
careful what I talk
about in the group?

    The group agrees to practice complete mutual confidentiality.  Nothing shared in the group is repeated.


What role do the
facilitators play?

    First, the facilitators are not professional counselors.  We are people who have ourselves experienced devastating losses and have been assisted to recovery by sensitive friends.  Mainly, we listen with our ears and our hearts.  We hear the words and we feel the feelings.  We do it because our world would be in despair if no one were willing to listen.

Emotions experienced
during the Grief Process:



How does someone get
into the support group?

For information call
(337) 261-5578

Coping with a Loved Ones Suicide

The Support Group is interdenominational and Free of charge.

We gratefully acknowledge the Diocese of Lafayette and St Edmonds Catholic Church for their commitment to our support group.
Coping with a Loved Ones Suicide



Coping with a
Loved Ones Suicide

Many who suffer the loss of a loved one through suicide feel isolated and alone.  Only a survivor can relate to what is going on within the heart of someone who has lost a loved one through suicide.  Support comes through others who have suffered the same kind of loss.


Coping with a Loved Ones Suicide
Lafayette, La 
(337) 261-5578


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