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Cursillo's 2001  (Prairie Ronde Cursillo Center)

January 4th - 7th Mens
********* 25th - 28th Womens
February 22nd - 25th Mens
March 22nd - 25th Womens
April 5th - 8th Mens
May (Pentecost) 31st - June 3rd Mens
June 14th - 17th Womens
July 19th - 22nd Womens
August 23rd - 26th Mens
September 6th - 9th Womens
********** 27th - 30th Mens Handicap
November 1st - 4th Womens
********** 22nd - 25th Mens


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                                                         Something to Ponder
....Mortification of the appetite, is the most basic aspect of spiritual life. Whoever cannot control himself in this, will hardly be able to conquer temptations more difficult to subdue.
-St Vincent de Paul

                                             The Power to Serve (Who should make a Cursillo?)
....We're probably the generation that has never accumulated so much and yet possessed so little.  We have wider roads and narrower viewpoints.  We learn more and understand less.  We find beauty in old things; buildings, furniture, jewelry -but we do not see beauty in old countenance.  Human beings seem to be one of the few commodities that lose value with age.  In fact, if church groups were asked to organize a team of 12 to help Jesus, assessments of candidates would be based on factors like race, skill, knowledge.  Just as well God chose to work through a ragged band of Galiean peasants, called from their fishing nets, small plots of land and humble trades.  Even their probable poor literacy was no stumbling block for God. God puts a measuring tape around the heart, not the head.  We need willing learners with big hearts, people who will risk everything at Jesus' word. God isn't choosy, we are!

Reminder About Friday
Each year as we leave Lent behind us, we also leave the explicit
call to abstain from meat on the Fridays of Lent.  All are reminded,
however, that EVERY Friday of the year is a day of PENANCE
for ALL Catholics, recalling the day of Christ's death.  You are
free to choose to abstain from meat or select some other
penitential practice for that day.

God Bless and


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Womens Cursillo:    Msgr. Louis Melancon
                   1074 Hwy 748
                               Washington, La.  70589

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               P.O. Box 40
                           Carencro, La.  70520