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-H I S T O R Y-

In the beginning there was Princess Youthful. A darkwave/goth band that focused on drums, bells, and bass. In 1995 the band consisted of Carl Tapia on all instrumemts and Mike Cappuciama on live drums. All lyrics and music were written by Carl Tapia. Then in 1997 Mike left the band and the world of music all together to work with another of his interests. At this time Princess Youthful experienced loss and gain. Stephen Kyle Driggers joined on guitars. It was great to have this new performer, but, soon after this addition the band had to take a break to take care of other bussiness.

After a year-long break Carl Tapia brought the band back to life in 1998 under a new name-T h e J e n d a y s. But this time he expanded his mind in dabbling in different styles other than darkwave/goth.

Since then Carl's been hard at work trying to get a full lineup together in the Jendays. They were originally asked to be the cover band for the night at the 1998 Cure Convention at the Palace in Hollywood, but, aside from the lack of musicians, there were schedule conflicts that caused the Jendays to turn down the offer.

At the present time things are starting to pick up for the Jendays. Carl has submerged himself in completing the new Jendays album "Aviary" and working on the official Jendays website. If things go as planned the Jendays should be doing a small tour of the west coast to promote their new album.

-n o t t h e e n d-

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