... and she has such a pretty face!


Nobody Gets in to See the Wizard
- Not Nobody, Not Nohow

I am comedically retired these days.
I'm going to leave the web site up because, well,
why the hell not?

If you're of a mind to, give these a click . . .

Look in on Dan Rosenberg , as seen on
'Dharma and Greg','Ally McBeal', and the movie
'P.S. Your Cat is Dead' starring Steve Gutenberg!
You can check out Dan's new internet show - it's on
EVERY Thursday from 4pm-6pm Central Time.
Click on WNEZ to catch Dan live!

Stop by the New Orleans Comedy site
to see what's funny in the Crescent City.

Feeling artistic? Look at my coloring book.
One page so far - color me bored!

Read the guestbook. What can it hurt?
Sign the damned thing.

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