My Fave
Gundam Wing
Duo Maxwell
Duo is probably one of my favorite characters in anime.  He's
always cheerful and smiling.  He flies the Gundam called Deathscythe (Deathscythe was built by Professor/Doctor G) and often refers to himself as Shinigami, the God of Death.  In the series he wears what appears to be a priest's outfit in looks and wears a golden cross given him by Father Maxwell  who he went to stay with when very young.  Before the church he was a street rat and a theif.  He's very good at be silent but only when neccessary.  Mostly though he's loud and always laughing getting an almost manic grin on his face and gleam in his eyes when he's fighting.  When he lived on the streets he had a friend named Solo, whom I believe gave him the name Duo because he didn't have a name of his own until they met.  Maxwell comes from Father Maxwell.  Most believe that Father Maxwell and Sister Helen were killed in what is usually called the Maxwell Masacre, hence the end of the only family Duo ever really had.  Duo's greatest fear is to lose his mind and though he acts like a joker he isn't stupid and seems to have little to no fear of pain, torture or death.  Like Quatre he tends to throw himself between his fellow pilots and danger.
Quatre R. Winner
When I first got into GW Quatre was my most fave character.  He's sweet and kind.  He's fifteen but looks younger.  He's the youngest child of the Winner household and has 29 older sisters (we only meet Iria in the anime and she's a doctor).  He also happens to be the only hier to the Winner fortune.  He's Arabian, blonde and blue-eyed.  He cares a great deal for others and when in a fight will ask his enemies to surrender, after he kills them he apologizes.  Out of the five pilots I think that he is the only one all of them truly trust.  Heero trusts him enough to let him use the software of the Zero system to lead the others during Endless Waltz.  I think that's saying something about his character.  His servents name is Rashid and he is also followed by a group called the Maganacs who try to protect him.  He pilots the Gundam Sandrock and is the only one of his people who has the ability to do so.  He's a musical and stratigical genius who thinks of himself as expendible when it comes to the safty of others.  When his father is killed before they've had a chance to make amends he kind of looses it.  Having always felt guilty about things out of his control, the guilt finally took it's toll on him.  His only reason for fighting is to protect those he cares about and try to allow them to live a life that doesn't involve suffering and pain.  He's willing to die to see this happen.  His Professor is Doctor H (he built Sandrock for him).
Heero Yuy
Dubbed the perfect soldier.  This is his code name.  He flies the Gundam Wing Zero which was created by Doctor J.  He shows some emotion but not much.  He's good at almost anything military and is an excellent hacker.  He's Japanese and has dark hair and cobalt blue eyes.  He grew up with Owdin Lowe and it's said his real name is actually Owdin Lowe Jr.
Wu-fei Chang
Justice and honour all the way!  He stands for them and fights in memory of his wife, Meiran.  He calls his Gundam Shenlong (built by Doctor O), Nataku in memory of her and her warrior spirit.  At one time he had been a scholar and now he's an amazing fighter in hand-to-hand and also in sword fighting.  He's Chinese and usually wears white.  I like him, why?  I'm not sure...  He did watch his entire colony get destroyed so he has to be under a lot of stress to avenge their deaths.
Trowa Barton
Trowa is sometimes known as the silent clown.  He has a sister (she claims him as her little brother anyway) named Catherine and worked in the circus as a clown.  He is highly agile and is an acrobat as well.  He has brown hair and green eyes some say he is French but he doesn't know for sure.  He took the true Trowa Barton's name while he was helping Doctor S build Heavyarms (his Gundam) because the other died and they needed a pilot.  He's an engineer and is a year older than the others.  He appears to be good friends with Quatre and Duo (I get this from when he tells Duo not to die in the Endless Waltz).
Yuu Yuu Hakusho

Kurama is a fox demon from Maika (sp?) who was reborn into a human fetus when he was critically injured. When he was a fox demon he was a great theif who had a phenominal power over the plants. After being reborn as a human he learned of love from his mother and became an ideal son. He does well in school and is very kind and gentle. As a fox he has silver hair and amber eyes but as a human he has green eyes and red hair. His personality almost reminds me of Quatre. He often uses the Rose whip and roses are his favorite plants.

Hiei is a fire demon who in a flame manipulator and also has a third eye (Jagan) in the middle of his forehead which he got to help him locate his twin sister. He's quiet even shy but has a very nasty temper and doesn't really like women (think Wufei). He's had a really hard life as an outcast and trusts very few people.
Lance Braddock

What do you say about Lance... he's just too cool for words. He pilots Red Lion and has a nasty temper but is extremely loyal to his friends. He's smarter than he acts and is an amazing pilot. His best friends are Sven and Keith and it is believed that his family and colony were destroyed by a Drule attack. He has wise cracks for just about every occasion but shows little of his true emotions. (Kinda like Duo)
Ronin Warriors
Ranma 1/2
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