Awards my page or stories have won.

I won this award from Maxwell's Deamonchan,
her link is on the links site!

And Awards I give out!
(Please submit applications to
put Awards in the subject box.)

This award goes to fics that surpass all others and trust me, I've read quite a few. Still I could've missed one or two so e-mail me and let me know if you have one you think is worthy of an award and I'll gladly read it and e-mail you back.

Goes to a site that has a little of everything and looks cool. Doesn't have to be fancy but should be taken care of and it should show that you have pride in your site! Again, I'll gladly look at any site that you want me to see.

This goes to a site that blows me completely out of the water! It doesn't matter what the content... so long as my eyes pop out of my head!

This award goes to a site that is fancy but not crowded... it's a lot easier to win that the 'I LOVE THIS PAGE' award and it also doesn't need to have fanfiction or fanart. It can be a shrine or information page. Again don't forget to nominate pages for this!

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